What investments in historical architecture mean for Kyiv

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Investments in Kyiv Historical Architecture

30 Jul 2021

The Ukrainian capital Kyiv is home to countless examples of historical architecture and landmarks. There are, of course, examples recognized globally as significant heritage sites such as the Saint Sophia Cathedral and the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, but Kyiv is also home to another type of historical architecture.

Investments in Historical Architecture Mean for Kyiv
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What Investments In Historical Architecture Mean For Kyiv, Ukraine

The city has seen a strong trend of retaining historical architecture from the 19th and early 20th centuries. These are not monuments and landmarks but the very buildings that the people of Kyiv have lived and worked in for centuries. The fine craftsmanship and exquisite style have led to Kyiv seeing less demolition to make more room for newer buildings and more modernization of these existing structures for modern use.

One organization that modernizes historical architecture in Ukraine is Unlock Group. Founded by former Georgian defense minister David Kezerashvili, the company invests in updating historic buildings to provide the living and workspaces that the modern population of Kyiv requires while maintaining the unique architecture of the city.

We spoke with Kezerashvili about his efforts with the Unlock Group to provide sustainable modernization in Kyiv. He told us, “We have already completed several projects here in Kyiv in line with our goals of providing practical infrastructure while honoring the history of the city. We hope to do more in the future to continue playing our part in modernization.

The Bulgakov Business Centre

Investments in Historical Architecture Mean for Kyiv

Among Unlock Group’s projects has been the Bulgakov Business Centre. The 6,335 square meter building features a mix of both retail and office space in the heart of Podil. The location is truly exceptional, offering stunning views of many other examples of historic architecture within the district.

Offices with the business centre feature a variety of individual styles with varying degrees of classical and modern design. However, the restored exterior of the building is unmistakably classic, and the historical architecture makes it the centrepiece of the block.

A key focus of modernization is the implementation of modern amenities and efficiency improvements. Many historic homes and businesses in Ukraine, in general, suffer from severe inefficiency, and modernization efforts like those from Unlock Group allow for both the preservation of historical architecture and the benefits of modern technology.

The Bulgakov Business Centre features many such improvements. The ventilation and air conditioning of the building have been fully overhauled to meet today’s efficiency standards and provide the highest level of comfort for the occupants of the building. Further improvements include fire and security systems, telecommunication upgrades, and the transformer substation.

Of this latest project, Kezerashvili told us, “The Bulgakov Business Centre has been the finest example of what Unlock Group is here to accomplish. We have preserved the elegant architecture of the old city while giving people the resources they need to thrive in the modern world.

The Bulgakov Business Centre itself is positioned in a prime location for office space. It is only three minutes from the metro station and is within close proximity to several notable hotels and embassies. The building is also very close to Contract Square, a significant economic and cultural centre.

Why Is Investment in Historical Architecture the Right Move for Kyiv?

Modernization is an ongoing effort across Ukraine, but Kyiv, in particular, is seeing the highest rate of implementation for new technologies and systems in historical architecture. Kyiv is uniquely poised as a culture, industrial, and academic centre within Eastern Europe. As such, there is a need for a balance between the progress of the city and the conservation of its history.

The type of modernization carried out by Unlock Group provides a solution that appeases both of Kyiv’s primary needs. It provides much-needed amenities and space for the businesses that allow Kyiv to thrive. There are over 200,000 individual businesses in Kyiv alone, and they cannot allow aging infrastructure to hold them back. Improving the systems within historical architecture and making them more efficient lets the city retain its spirit while allowing industry to thrive.

Kezerashvili has applied this type of investment in historical architecture here in Ukraine through his company Unlock Group. Successful projects so far include the aforementioned Bulgakov Business Centre and also the Business Centre on Mikhail Maksimov. These two examples have demonstrated just how much potential this approach has.

Our investments in Kyiv’s historical architecture have allowed us to put into action our methods for providing quantifiable improvements in efficiency and infrastructure, while still preserving the history and culture of these stunning examples of architecture.” – David Kezerashvili

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