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What impact have the choice of colours in interior design

23 Sep 2021

When it comes to choosing a design for the walls of a room, the choice of colour is only one of the many factors one generally takes into account. Especially if using wallpaper as part of the redecoration project is being considered, other elements like the theme, the patterns, the type of material of the surfaces are demanding our attention. This is entirely understandable, as contemporary wallpapers offer a variety of options that was unthinkable just a few years ago. Technological leaps have made it possible the creation of models in all kinds of materials, with complex textures, three-dimensional patterns and light effects capable of creating all kinds of atmospheres.

While it’s easy being carried away in the plethora of models available, one must not forget that that the colour combination we choose for our wall decoration will excert a great impact not only on the general appearance of the environment, but also on the emotions and vibes being perceived in the space.

Let’s take a look at what effects the colours we choose can have on our mood, by analysing some of the most common colours for wall decoration in interior design. The colours we choose for the rooms in our home are in fact a direct representation of our personality. Different types of colours are able to elicit certain reactions from different people. We have identified four wallpaper colours that one might want to use and analysed their effects on the mood.


Yellow is very often associated to uplifting spirits, joy and sunshine. It is a colour that can bring liveliness and happiness to any room. This shade brings the radiant energy of the sun and summer and is suitable for those who want to chase away sadness or live in more grey climates. The best rooms to use this colour in are kitchens and bathrooms, as these are bright, open spaces that lend themselves to bright, cheerful colours like yellow.

What impact have choice of colours in interior design yellow

Yellow can also be used as a trick our mind, since it serves to enlarge small spaces, making them seem much larger and more cheerful. For the same reason, it is best avoided in larger rooms such as living rooms or bedrooms, unless they are also bright and airy enough.


The colour blue is a great choice to create a relaxing and calming space for friends and family. For this very reason it is frequently used to decorate bathrooms, the space that by its very definition is our sanctuary of privacy and relax. There are so many shades of blue that one is really are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing wallpaper in this shade.  Theoretically, it is possible to decorate the entire house with this colour and achieve a soothing, maritime look!

What impact have choice of colours in interior design blue

Blue is also an excellent choice for bedrooms, as long lighter gradients of this colour are selected. It is very important to remember that this colour is more suitable for rooms that receive a sufficient amount of natural light.


Orange presents some similarities to yellow when it comes to mood-enhancing properties, since it is another bright and intense colour with a strong charge of positivity.

What impact have choice of colours in interior design orange

This colour is a panacea for living rooms and bedrooms. Because of its ability to transmit energy, it is a great choice for the children’s playroom or home gym. For this very reason, it is however not recommended in the children’s bedroom.


Of the four shades we have picked, black is perhaps the least common, as it is certainly not a wallpaper colour for everyone. Black is a very intense colour, but it can be used to focus on a piece of fine furniture or a large painting.

Black decor style for home

It should never be used on all four walls of a room, but only to highlight a space, an ornamental wall. It conveys calm and sophistication but should be used in small doses.

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