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How to Pick the Perfect Bed

23 Sep 2021

Picking the perfect bed for you means factoring in every aspect of your lifestyle, from the size of your room to your budget, and everything in between. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable beds available through online retailers, so finding a bed that meets your unique needs is easier than ever. You’ll be able to find the features and styles that work for you, no matter your budget.

How to pick the perfect bed help guide

How to Pick the Perfect Bed Help Guide

The most crucial aspect of choosing a bed, as you might have guessed, is determining the ideal size. You’ll need to consider what you need to sleep comfortably. Do you need lots of extra legroom, for example? Do you have a partner or a Great Dane who is a bed hog? When in doubt, keep in mind that a queen-size mattress is generally the minimum size to accommodate two adults comfortably.

Once you have determined a mattress size, however, you must consider the size of your space. Measure your bedroom to figure out how your bed will best fit into the space. Keep in mind that most bedframes require more space than the dimensions of the mattress. Also, you will need to consider the placement of windows and outlets, since you don’t want a backboard completely blocking light to the room.

Next, think about the many features available. It might help to browse online and discover just how many features you have to choose from. Think about whether you could use additional under-bed storage space or if a loft bed would provide additional desk space for a student, for example.

If you can imagine it, there is likely a bed that accommodates your imagination. While your budget may slightly limit the extravagance of your options, most features are available in some form to fit the confines of any wallet. Be warned that you may fall down a rabbit hole of options, so it’s smart to step away and look at your space again once you are aware of the potential options.

With features figured out, it’s time to consider style. If you think all beds are the same, think again. Your bed will set the tone for your whole bedroom, so look for designs that appeal to you and make you feel comfortable and at home. Remember that décor and other small furnishings can be altered or replaced to match your bed, but the bed is the focal point of the entire space, so it should be prioritized. You’ll need to consider, too, whether a white or light color frame will help keep a smaller bedroom feeling more open, or if an elaborate footboard might prove to be a tripping hazard in the dark.

Even with your search narrowed based on your budget, using these simple elements as guidelines should help you pin down the perfect bed to match your bedroom and your lifestyle. Remember, the best bed for you will make you want to spend as much time as possible in your bedroom and feel comfortable enough to fall immediately asleep.

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