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What Are the Different Types of Generators?

25 Aug 2021

Since 2000, the US has experienced a 67% increase in power outages due to weather events.

These instances result in extreme inconvenience and loss of income. Sometimes, they even pose health risks for the American public.

As such, home and business owners across the country are considering generator backup to keep them going when the grid goes down.

What are different types of generators that exist?

What Are the Different Types of Generators That Exist Today Guide

These are the most popular types of generators available nowadays.

Portable Generators

Portable generators run off diesel or gas and are best for providing temporary electrical power. They have sockets for attaching electrical appliances and tools but only provide enough power to operate a few appliances at a time.

The best portable generators are lightweight, making them ideal for camping and other outdoor pursuits.

Gasoline and Diesel Generators

Gasoline generators are the most affordable type of generator to buy for home use, but they’re expensive to run and maintain. You can attach the generator directly to the home’s wiring or via batteries and an inverter.

Diesel generators are among the largest and most powerful types of generators, used to power business in remote areas, or when the grid goes down.

Unfortunately, these powerful, efficient engines come with a price tag to match. The best way to save on the high price tag of these items is by researching used generators for sale.

Despite their high initial costs, you’ll save on less frequent generator maintenance with this type of power source.

Natural Gas Generators

Natural gas generators are uncommon for household use. They usually fall into the standby generator or portable generator category.

These generators produce fewer emissions than petrol and diesel generators, but they’re expensive and aren’t suited to operating in freezing temperatures.

Stand By Generators

These are the best generators to use in instances where a constant power supply is critical. They operate on an automatic transfer switch that automatically powers up the generator during a power outage.

They offer permanent power protection by constantly monitoring utility power. Thanks to this they can start up almost instantly in an outage.

These generators run off natural gas or liquid propane.

Eco-Friendly Types of Generators

Solar generators are a top choice for camping enthusiasts. They’re also popular among environmentally-conscious homeowners.

Solar generators work by sending power to batteries via an inverter. You can use this power to supply energy to the whole house.

Inverter generators are a type of gasoline generator. Yet, they also have energy-efficient qualities.

Inverter generators save on fuel consumption using an idle control. This innovation controls the output of the generator so that it only burns enough gas to satisfy your energy needs.

Generators Offer Effective Power Solutions

If you’re an architect, you can use this information about the different types of generators, to service the needs of any client. Generators work in both off and on-grid scenarios and can serve as a backup to clean energy systems too.

Find out more about designing homes that work in any circumstances or get a sneak peek at some of the world’s best designs by browsing some more of our articles.

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