Portable, standby, or inverter generators guide

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Portable, Standby, or Inverter Generators for Your Home

23 July 2021

Getting a generator can turn out to be a smart investment. This is especially if you live in certain kinds of places.

Portable generator guide

Should You Get Portable, Standby, or Inverter Generators for Your Home

For instance, people that stay in areas vulnerable to storms and natural disasters like hurricanes should better have one. This is because there could be situations when the power supply is cut off. You would need to stay comfortable during this period and a generator is very important for this reason.

However, it is not enough to understand the need for this important machine. You would also have to make your choice amongst a long list of options in the market. For more on this, you can watch this.

Understanding the various kinds of generators and what they offer would help make the right choice. This is exactly what we want to achieve with this article. Here, you would learn about the 3 major kinds of generators and what they have to offer.

The 3 Major Kinds of Generators in the Market

Portable, standby, or inverter generators guide

There are 3 major kinds of generators you can use for privately powering your home. They are standby, portable, and inverter generators. Below are some things you should know about them:

Standby Generators

The biggest edge this option has is how it can automatically switch itself on when the need arises. As a result, there will be no blackout even immediately after there is a power outage. In the same vein, it switches off the moment the power supply is back.

The reason it can do this is because of the installation of a transfer switch that operates automatically. This is unlike the manually operated way the other options work. Other than these, here are some advantages of using this option:

Permanent Option

A standby generator is built to offer an effective and efficient power supply for a long time. This is a lot more than portable and inverter options can offer.

Less Maintenance

Although it is bigger and more reliable than the other options, maintaining it is easier than what is obtainable with a portable generator (at least). Some people may even go on to argue that it is better than inverter generators in this regard.

Power Supply

Inverter generators have some edge when compared to this option. However, it is better than inverter generators when you need to supply so much wattage.

Inverter generators are not built to do a lot in this regard. The large categories can supply a little above 5000 watts at most. Well, the average standby generator can do a lot more.

Not a Noisy Machine

The noise generated by many portable options is annoying and causes inconvenience. Many of them exceed 60 decibels. Well, this is not the case with standby generators. They are proof that giants do not need to make noise considering the wattage they can supply.

The points shared above are some of the advantages that standby generators offer. Well, they also have some downsides. Some of these downsides are explained below:


The cost is a lot more than getting a portable generator. However, there is value for money considering the benefits.


The installation of this option is unlike the other options. It has to be handled by a professional technician and done properly. This is so that complications will not arise in the long run.

Portable Generators

If you want generators for your home, this is one option you should consider as it is designed for residential use. It comes with combustion engines that are powered using either diesel fuel or gas. It is designed to supply power temporarily.

To render a standard current of 60hhz, the engine of the average product is designed to run at an rpm of 3600. Here are some of its advantages:

Direct Supply of Power

Some electrical appliances can be powered directly. This is rather than waiting till the electrical panel is connected. These appliances can simply be connected to the sockets designed for this purpose.

Flexible Wiring

This is one of the edges it has over many other options. It is such that the subpanels of a facility can get power directly from it.

Remote Use

This is one area it beats the standby generator. You cannot take your standby option when you go camping or for remote purposes. Well, you can do that with this option. As the name suggests, the reason is that they are portable.

Engine Speed can be Controlled

This option is not like the inverter generator that can automatically correspond with the exact need for power. However, this does not mean the engine speed cannot be controlled. Something known as a governor can be used for this purpose.

Can Power Essential Things in the House

If there is a power outage for whatever reason, this option can power essential appliances. This is even though it might not be able to power everything. For instance, your refrigerator and cooling unit can keep working.


It is a lot cheaper than the other options available. So, people that are bent on saving initial costs should consider it.

These are just some of the advantages of the portable generator. Some of the downsides include the following:

Temporary Solution

This is just something that can be used temporarily. An option like the standby generator is better if you want something permanent.

Manual Operation

Unlike the standby option, this one has to be turned on and off. There is no such thing as automatic mode.

Wattage Load

As explained several times here, it cannot power the entire building. You would have to leave out some appliances or even parts of the building.

Inverter Generator

This option supplies DC power by converting AC power with the aid of a rectifier. This is unlike what you have with other options.

In the first place, the AC power that is eventually converted is supplied by connecting alternators to the engines. To function the way it does, you should also know that magnets with high-tech capabilities are relied upon. Here are some of its advantages:

The Electronic Circuitry
The circuitry is an important feature of any generator. However, you should know that the electronic circuitry of this option is a lot more advanced.

Proper Flow of Current to Appliances
Your appliances are a lot more secure when you use this kind of generator. One of the reasons is that it is designed to ensure the proper flow of current to appliances.

Automatic Engine Speed Adjustment
For us, this is the biggest advantage of this option. It operates by adjusting its engine’s speed to align with your energy needs. So, your appliances will not get more current than is ideal for them.

Energy Efficiency
As a result of the point explained above, this option offers energy efficiency. The demands of fueling your generator are determined by how much you use. It is not a rigid system.

Many inverter generators are lightweight. Even the ones that weigh so much come with features that make them easy to move.

The electric power that is supplied is a lot cleaner. The design of many inverter generators makes it this way. Some of the advantages of inverter generators have been explained above. The downsides include the following:

Inverter Generator Cost
The cost is a lot more than what you have with portable generators. So, you need to reach further into your pocket.

Power Supply Capabilities
Frankly, this is not the best option if you need so much power supplied into your home. You might want to consider other options. For more on this subject do your research on the internet.

On a Final Note

People that want to get a generator have many options to choose from. However, understanding the major categories available and what they offer will help make the right choice.

This is why we have explained the advantages and downsides of the 3 major options available in this article. We advise that you make the right choice by taking note of the details shared here. You should also consult credible review sites to help out.

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