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Using a translation company to promote sustainable design

Oct 19, 2020

Guide to using a translation company to promote sustainable design and build practices around the world

Sustainable design and build practices have never been so important. Our understanding of the damage we are doing to the Earth increases with each new ecological report or survey.

The construction sector is a huge producer of waste and a major contributor to global emissions, yet we need to keep building to accommodate the planet’s growing population. That’s why promoting sustainability around the world through quality translations and working examples is essential. In this article, we’ll look at some of the high-quality translation solutions and provide an innovative example of a sustainable building project that provides hope for the future.

How can a translation agency promote the importance of sustainable design and build practices?

Making the construction industry more sustainable is not one single country’s responsibility. It’s a global endeavour that requires a common understanding of the issues and how to solve them. With so many languages in use around the globe, a translation agency quickly becomes an essential tool in trying to achieve this. Ofer Tirosh, CEO of language service provider Tomedes, comments:

“There are around 7,000 languages in use around the world today. You don’t need to speak all of them to promote sustainable design and build practices, but you are going to need quite a few if you want to achieve global reach. Using a translation company can take care of the language side of things so that developers can continue focusing on making the world a better and more sustainable place. Just be sure to use a translator with relevant industry knowledge and ensure that you prioritize high-quality translation solutions – this is no place for cutting corners.”

How do you ensure translation quality? Using a native speaker of the target language is one way. Another, as Ofer points out, is to use a translator who is familiar with your industry – in this case, the development and construction sector. Such individuals will already be familiar with key industry terms and concepts, meaning they are well placed to deliver top-quality translations.

With a translation company on board, it’s possible to spread the word about innovative sustainability advances around the world.

Working example: using translation to promoted printed homes

A recent example of teams working across national and linguistic borders in order to design and build more sustainably is the creation of a community of 3D printed homes in Tabasco, Mexico. It takes just 24 hours to print each home, with a huge reduction in the amount of time and waste usually associated with building a two-bedroom house.

Not only does English to Spanish translation (and Spanish to English translation) play a role in bringing such projects to fruition, it’s also important in promoting them. In this example, the story was covered widely by both the English-language press and the Spanish-speaking media (as well as in other languages around the world). Quality translations are at the heart of enabling this multilingual coverage.

The role of certified translation

It’s worth noting that, for project reports and other documents, it might be appropriate to use certified translators. What does a certified translation mean? Certified translators, confusingly, aren’t the same in every country. In some countries, such individuals need to pass an assessment to confirm their position as certified translators. In others, this isn’t necessary.

In either case, certified translators are able to provide document translation services that come with an official certificate of translation to affirm the translation’s authenticity and accuracy. This can be very handy when it comes to evidencing new sustainable design and build practices. You can book certified translation online, just as you can other kinds of high-quality translation solutions. You can search online for terms such as translation company UK and certified translators to find a service that meets your needs.

Using translation services to transcend language

Building and construction are responsible for 39% of global carbon emissions. However, the World Green Building Council asserts that the sector could reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Achieving this means our approach to sustainability needs to transcend language and culture, with quality translations enabling the brightest minds in the construction sector to work together, regardless of their nationalities.

It’s also essential to build sustainability into all manner of construction projects, from offices, factories, and warehouses to homes and holiday homes, and to factor in a local approach as well as global best practice principles. Marc Pritchard, Director of Sales and Marketing at Taylor Wimpey España comments:

“Sustainable design and build practices differ around the world but are definitely moving up the agendas of buyers in multiple countries. Part of the work that we do involves using high-quality translation solutions to deliver information on sustainability and environmental performance in multiple languages so that our buyers can make informed decisions.

“A localized focus is always important, in both the design of the development and the way that we talk about it in different languages. At our Botanic development, which has been constructed in accordance with the criteria of sustainability, ecology, and bioclimatic architecture, the integral gardened areas respect the variety of species and indigenous trees in the local area, with green corridors enveloping the different buildings and vertical gardens providing a unique natural environment. Expressing that ecological focus to clients of different nationalities has become increasingly important.”

Sustainable, eco-friendly design and build encompasses a huge range of elements. Let’s focus on them together.

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