The Ultimate Furniture Buying Guide, Property Style Tips, House Upgrade Advice

The Ultimate Furniture Buying Guide

27 Jan 2021

There are many key items which are essential to make up a good looking, classy and elegant home. You should be excited about choosing what goes where, how it looks, whether it suits the general vibe, and taking care of it on an ongoing basis.

Furniture is like the staple of any house. The foundations of your enjoyment, your choices of furniture are super important as you really want it to match your own energy and spirit. The advantage we have in this day and age is there are so many amazing options, you’re highly likely to find pieces which match exactly what you want and fill you with a sense of pride when you’re at home.

Ultimate Furniture Buying Guide

What’s The Best Way To Go About Choosing & Buying Furniture?

Firstly you need to make a list of what you need. Go round the house and have a think about what may need updating or upgrading. Maybe you need some new pieces which you don’t yet have? Seen someone else with something you really like and want to steal their idea? Furniture is so often a reflection of your own self, so make sure you invest enough time to align these two things together.

The key things to focus on when selecting new furniture would be:

  • Past experiences or purchases. What were the characteristics of things you loved in the past? Can you find them again this time round?
  • Finding a trusted partner/supplier. You want to aim for longevity with all furniture buys, so understanding what is real quality and what isn’t will save you money in the long run
  • Recognising your own personal vibe. Do you prefer more traditional pieces of furniture in your home or items which are unique? Do you have a quirky side that you want to mirror for your home?
  • Your budget. Are you able to spend a fair whack on getting everything done or are you trying to be more conservative?
  • Ensure you measure all the areas in which you plan to add your new furniture, and make sure it matches what you buy!

Asking yourself these key questions will set you on your path to getting your amazing new furniture. Maybe you would prefer items which are hand made, or more high-end stuff such as vintage French style furniture? Knowing what your options are will allow you to enjoy the process and stress less!

Ultimate Furniture Buying advice

Where Do People Usually Find Their Furniture?

The amount of routes to explore when it comes to your home could potentially seem overwhelming. Gaining a better understanding of exactly where to find furniture and what each one entails, will put you in better stead for the decision making process in general.

The most common places people find their furniture are:

  • Directly from brands. This is probably the most wise route to go down as dealing directly a brand has many benefits including high levels of customer service, quality products, warranties/assurances and more
  • Online marketplaces. Sites like Amazon, eBay, Gumtree etc are all great places to search multiple brands based on your personal preferences. The disadvantages are that you will more often than not be dealing with a reseller which can sometimes have its downsides
  • Family and friends. Maybe someone you know is moving house and doesn’t need their furniture anymore? Perhaps someone is selling an older piece which you like? Always worth an ask
  • Antique or boutique shops. If you’re after some rare and awesome finds, these could be a great of stumbling across those hidden gems
  • Charity If your budget is tight, using things like a charity shop is a fairly sure way to save money. Not only that, but you can have the confidence that they really do take care of the items they sell and hand it over in the best condition

Some other small but important things to be aware of are:

  • Does it have good reviews? Not just on quality but service?
  • Are you covered for a period of time after your purchase?
  • How is it going to be delivered to your home? Are the costs included in the price that’s advertised?

There are a lot of things to consider, but once you break it down into bitesize steps, you’ll end up really enjoying the process. So through the available options, have a think about what’s best for you based on the core things like style, design, space and budget, then make a decision and see what you find!

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