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The UK Grants That Boost Energy Efficiency and Reduce Your Energy Bills

12 October 2023

Boosting the energy efficiency in your home benefits the environment and your wallet, too. The UK government understands that improving energy efficiency in UK homes is good for reducing carbon emissions and making energy more affordable for homeowners, landlords, and tenants. That’s why they are rolling out a number of funding schemes in England, Scotland and Wales.

If you’re finding escalating fuel costs a constant struggle, Energy Saving Grants can provide the solution, improving energy efficiency throughout your home and making costs more manageable. But with so many energy efficiency grants available, how do you know which one is suitable for your home and situation? Let’s take a closer look at the options and discover ways you can beat fuel poverty and warm your home for less.

Why is Energy Efficiency in the Home So Vital?

Before we go into the funding available for energy efficiency improvements, let’s look at why energy efficiency in the home is so important. In a nutshell, homes optimised for energy conservation use less energy and send fewer carbon emissions into the environment.

These energy improvements not only help you to reduce your energy costs but also help to support the environment and fight climate change. Furthermore, taking action today could also boost the value of your home.

The Harsh Truth About Fuel Poverty

Fuel poverty is a large and ever-growing problem in the UK. More and more people are grappling with high energy costs with many unable to afford to heat their homes. In addition to rising energy costs, structural limitations are also contributing to the problem. For example, stone-built homes are often cold and draughty making them more expensive to heat. If you find yourself in this position, you could be the perfect candidate for a home energy efficiency grant.

UK Grants to boost energy efficiency and reduce energy bills

What Government Energy Efficiency Grants Are Available?

If you’re a resident of England, Scotland, or Wales, there is good news. There are a number of grants available for people in these areas and you could be eligible for one of them. Over the years, the government has recognised the importance of making homes more energy-efficient and supporting vulnerable people and low-income households. As a result, several funding schemes are available.

These schemes include insulation grants, renewable energy incentives and more, all aimed at reducing the UK’s carbon footprint and fighting fuel poverty. The wide availability of these energy efficiency grants makes it more affordable and easier for homeowners and landlords to put energy-saving measures in place.

Here are some of the main energy-saving schemes available in the UK today:

  • Energy Company Obligation
  • Boiler Upgrade Scheme
  • Local Authority Flex (LA Flex) Scheme
  • Great British Insulation Scheme

If you’re worried about only being able to access these schemes if you are on benefits, there is light at the end of the tunnel. For example, the LA Flex Scheme extends the eligibility criteria and helps to ensure as many homes as possible are made more efficient.

What Energy Improvements Are Available?

Improving energy efficiency throughout your home is easier than you might think. The funding schemes above offer a wide range of improvements, including:

Electric Storage Heaters: Storage heaters can be an efficient way of heating a property and are most suited to flats and smaller homes. They retain heat reducing the amount of energy used.

External Wall Insulation: Perfect for homes that have solid brick or solid stone walls.

Loft Insulation: Traps heat where it matters most.

Internal Wall Insulation: IWI is a great option for insulating a solid wall, without compromising external aesthetics.

Cavity Wall Insulation: CWI is a relatively low-cost retrofit measure that can save hundreds of pounds per year on energy bills.

Gas Central Heating: Funding is currently only available to install gas central heating in a property if there is already an existing gas meter in the dwelling.

Air Source Heat Pump: An ASHP is a very efficient way of heating a home and producing hot water.

Solar PV: Generate free electricity from the sun, every day of the year.

Room In Roof Insulation: Suitable for properties that have a habitable room within the roof space.

Understanding How Eligibility Works

While eligibility may differ slightly between local authorities and different funding schemes, there are some common themes:

  • If you are receiving certain benefits such as Housing Benefits, Universal Credit, etc., you are likely to be eligible.
  • Homes that are not connected to the mains gas network are often eligible for insulation, heating and renewable energy measures.
  • Homes with a total income under £31,000 or with occupants who have specific medical conditioners made worse by cold (such as arthritis, limited mobility, or respiratory disease) can also be eligible.

Success Stories

Imagine if you were eligible for funding of over £50,000 to retrofit your home with some of the improvements above. Many homeowners have done just that and are now out of fuel poverty and heating their homes for less. From renewable heating systems and insulation to solar panel installation, all of these improvements were made available to these homeowners without them spending a penny of their own money.

A Message From Energy Saving Grants

“It’s truly inspiring to see households flourish in spaces that blend comfort with sustainability. The potential of energy upgrades is undeniable. From providing relief from fuel costs to slashing carbon footprints, we’re delighted to be part of the change, one home at a time. Every family across England, Scotland, and Wales deserves warmth without worrying about escalating costs. This is something we work hard to achieve every day.”

Your Pathway to Comfort and Reduced Costs

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the choice of energy grants available to you, let the Energy Saving Grants advice centre be your guide. They can help you to navigate eligibility criteria and the energy improvements available to you. Remember, these grants are available to homeowners, landlords, and private tenants in England, Scotland, and Wales.

These grant funds are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Grab the opportunity to improve your home’s energy efficiency and reduce your bills today. For personalised guidance, visit Energy Saving Grants or speak to one of their energy advisors on 0330 223 0333.

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