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How to Boost the Security of Your Home

23 Sep 2019

How to Boost the Security of Your Home locks
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It is estimated that a burglary takes place in the UK every forty seconds and in only 14% of those cases will an arrest be made.  Most burglaries do not take place in the dead of night, as one might imagine, but between the hours of 10pm and 3am.  In nearly half of all burglaries someone is at home and in many cases the burglar will knock at the front door and then force their way in.  Homes with no security measures are five times more likely to be burgled.  Boosting your home security is not only important for the safety of you, your loved ones and your possessions but, according to, it can also reduce the cost of your insurance premiums.  Boosting your home security acts as a serious deterrent to burglars, which is why it’s worth considering these security ideas.

Invest in a smart door lock

By linking up your smart lock to a voice-controlled device like Amazon Alexa you can lock and unlock your door from inside your house in an instant.  By linking the lock to your smartphone, you can lock and unlock the door from anywhere with an Internet connection, so you can open your house for friends or family members without having to be there.  A smart lock will alert you if your door is unlocked or open and of course, there is no lock to pick.

Close your curtains and windows when you’re not in or asleep

Many burglaries take place on the spur of the moment, so don’t inadvertently invite a burglary by making your home look like an easy target.

Invest in security cameras

There are a wide range of security cameras now on the market. Google Nest and Amazon Blink enable you to stream live footage, both inside and outside your home, to your smartphone.  Some cameras also feature a movement-activated alarm or allow you to broadcast a recorded message to the intruder.  The conspicuous presence of cameras is sufficient to scare away most burglars.

Get outdoor sensor lights

Sensor lights are not only convenient for you, but they are an excellent way to startle a burglar.

Hide your valuables

Burglars target car keys, phones, laptops, passports and bankcards, so don’t make things easy for them by leaving valuables lying around.  For added security you might consider investing in a safe.  Most burglars are not safe breakers and when confronted with a safe they will leave your home.

Make it look like you are at home, when you are not

Most burglars live within two miles of the homes they burgle so don’t tell everyone when you are not at home or make your routines more obvious than they need be.  Parking your car in the driveway not only suggests that you are at home but also denies a potential burglar easy access.  Use timer switches on your lights to create the illusion that someone is in and don’t leave your garden shed full of tools, which could be used for breaking and entering.

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