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The Most Expensive Celebrities Mansions

20 Nov 2020

Most Expensive Celebrities Mansions

What does it mean to be a celebrity, what does it take for someone to reach these heights? We did a quick search on Google and this is what we found. A celebrity is someone well known and widely recognised for something.

Most Expensive Celebrities Mansions Guide

While some like us will have to make do with definitions on Google, some are living that life. Today, celebrities are known for a lot of things, some good and some, not so good. But many readers will agree that the mark of a real celebrity is the mansion they stay in. In this article, we will look at some of these magnificent cribs.

P Diddy

Where else would we start but with the king of celebrities himself? P Diddy made a name in the 1990s with Bad Boy records. He has not released an album of late, but it seems he is still doing very well for himself. Now, one thing you have to know about Diddy is that he likes stylish things. Nowhere is this more evident than in his $40million, 8 bedroomed mansion in Holmby Hills. P Diddy has numerous properties, but this is what he calls home. Some of the luxury amenities here include a private beauty salon, wine cellar, underwater tunnel, the list goes on.

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Oprah Winfrey

Can there be any celebrity “talk” without Oprah? We think not. Oprah spent a quarter of a decade hosting the Oprah Winfrey Show. This is when she endeared herself to a legion of fans. With that popularity came the trinkets. One such is her $90 million California estate. Oprah aptly called it the Promised Land and indeed she has arrived. The property boasts of a barn and stables. Oprah also has a private residence where she can separate herself from all distractions. The avid reader, no doubt, uses this space to catch up on some of her favourite titles.

Jay Z and Beyonce

The king and queen power couple always seem to do things with an added sense of style. Jay Z and Beyonce are the most paid couple in entertainment. So it did not take much thinking when they saw their dream home in 2017. Located in Bel Air, the 30,000 square foot mansion set them back $88 million. This mansion has a 15 car garage to accommodate all of Jay Z’s toys and a helipad. The occupants are also pampered with an in-house spa and much more. Jay Z and Beyonce also have other real estate options across the country. It is easy to see why they enjoy this one, though.

Taylor Swift

This is one name that needs no introduction, not that there are such names on this list. Many love Taylor for her eclectic twist of country and pop tunes that she has produced. As any celebrity will tell you, being famous is hard work. So when Taylor is not performing on tour, she retreats to her paradise on earth. Set on a scenic beach overlooking the sea, the $17 million mansion is a sight to behold. Situated at the highest peak on Watch Hill, Taylor’s mansion boasts of 8 picturesque bedrooms and over 11,000 square feet of living space.

Matt Damon

The American actor never likes playing by the rules, just look what he did to Tredstone in The Bourne series. So it comes as no surprise at all finding that this superstar opted for a penthouse. Priced at $16,6million the decision did not come cheap. But who cares when you have a net worth of $170 million. Damon refurbished this former hotel and gave it a new lease on life. It turns out the transaction was Brooklyn’s most expensive sale.

The Most Expensive Celebrities Mansions Conclusion

There is a lot that can be said for celebrity choices when it comes to real estate. Some may see it as excess but we believe there is sound logic behind many of these purchases. Besides giving us something to stand in awe of, high priced properties make good sense. Acquiring physical assets like this is how some protect value. Who said celebrities could not be astute business people and be glamorous at the same time? So think about that next time you come across a jaw-dropping mansion.

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