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Tricks to Finding a Great Roofer

12 July 2023

Choosing professional services can be difficult at times. Experience varies from one contractor to another. And the sheer choice can make your thought process muddled. When seeking a great roofer, enlisting the expertise of Nashville roofers can provide invaluable guidance, ensuring your roofing project is in capable hands from start to finish.

Right now, there are 79,379 roofing contractors in the US. This number was reported to be accurate by IBISWorld as of January this year. So, there are likely to be several roofers just in your own locale.

How do you select one roofer from all firms operating near you? And how do you ensure you pick a great roofer?

Tricks to finding a great roofer: roofing repair

Why do you need a professional roofer instead of using DIY?

Roofing isn’t just a highly skilled job it is also a dangerous one. It can be tempting to carry out DIY repairs to save money. And in many instances, this is perfectly ok. However, some tasks are best left to experienced professionals.

Tree felling and pruning, gas maintenance, and roofing, are perhaps three areas where DIY isn’t the best choice.

Companies such as Apple Roofing use specialist equipment and skilled workers to repair and replace roofs. An experienced roofer will be able to not only assess roofing problems but also carry out repairs.

Roofers may offer quality guarantees on their work. Plus, professional roofing companies will be insured.

What tricks are there to finding a great roofer?

Roofing companies are able to assess roofs for problems and then carry out repairs. They will spot problems that you may not have noticed, and ensure your roofing structure is sound. If your roof needs a complete replacement, a roofer can do that too.

There are plenty of roofing companies but picking a great one can be tricky. It might feel like you are randomly selecting a roofing company and crossing your fingers. However, there are ways you can help yourself, and questions you should ask.

If you follow the steps below, you will have a better chance of finding a great roofer for your project.

1 Look locally

Look for a company that has a physical presence close by. Choosing a local roofer will bring several benefits.

When you choose a local roofer you will be supporting your immediate economy. Your roofer will also have a local reputation which makes it easier to check how reputable they are. And they will have knowledge that out-of-state roofers won’t have.

A local roofer can not only respond quickly but will have knowledge of building codes and regulations in your area. They will also understand the local climate. This is important when choosing the right materials for your roof.

A local roofer will know how to prevent weather damage to your roof, and to select the most suitable roofing materials.

2 Get multiple written estimates and compare them

Great roofing companies will be happy to supply estimates for work. You should receive an assessment of your roof’s condition. And whether it needs replacing or if the roof can be repaired.

Take your estimates and compare the prices against each other. Also, check for transparency. An estimate is not a fixed quote. Some less reputable firms may add in other charges later.

3 Look for roofers that are insured

Roofers need to be licensed to carry out work on residential and commercial buildings. Roofing companies should also be insured.

Ask for proof of insurance, and check that the policy is up to date and hasn’t expired. If the roofing company is not forthcoming about their licensing or insurance then move on to another firm.

4 Find a roofer who has expertise in the type of roof you want

Perhaps you already know what materials you want to use. Or maybe you want to alter the style of your roof. Or you may even need a flat roof for your building extension.

Ask local roofers what experience they have with your style of roof or chosen materials. This will help you to narrow down the field a little more.

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5 Enquire whether the roofer offers a warranty

One of the benefits of using professional services is that you often get some form of quality guarantee. If the job isn’t up to scratch, then it is the responsibility of your contractor to return and put things right.

With new roofs and repair work, you may get some form of warranty too. A new roof should come with a warranty. But, the length of warranties depends on the manufacturer, and in some cases the roofing company.

Warranties can range from 2 years to lifetime cover. So, it is very important that you check how long the warranty is for and what it covers.

5 Check the roofer’s credentials

Aside from warranties and insurance, roofers should have other credentials. Ask to see roofing certifications. The NRCA certification is common, but there are others indicating a roofer has been trained in installing certain materials.

For instance, the Certified Select ShingleMaster certificate is granted to roofers who have trained and passed in installing CertainTeed shingles.

6 Check with your Better Business Bureau

Third-party consumer sites are useful for getting a better picture of a business’s customer service and practices. The Better Business Bureau is worth checking to see if your roofer has any negative reviews or customer complaints.

7 Ask to see a portfolio of previous projects

Skilled professionals are generally proud of the work they produce. Keeping some form of portfolio is normal practice for many roofers.

Ask to see examples of previous roofing projects they have completed. Before and after photos are especially helpful in seeing how the roofer can transform a distressed roof into something that is admired.

8 Ask for recommendations

Straight forward but effective. Ask people you know who may have had roofing work done for recommendations. Neighbors and work colleagues are a good place to start. But, family and friends should be approached too.

You may not just receive recommendations this way, you may also be warned of companies that are best avoided. Reviews on Trustpilot and Google aren’t always 100% legit, but overall they are useful for forming a picture of how a roofing company is operating.

9 Use online reviews

A simple piece of advice, but one that shouldn’t be neglected. Online reviews plus past customer testimonials can help narrow down the field once more.

Ask your roofer for testimonials and feedback from previous projects. Where possible follow up on references and obtain feedback from past customers.

10 Trust your instincts

When it comes right down to it, you should follow your gut feeling. A great roofer will be responsive to your questions, and be friendly and communicative.

Any roofing company that fails to respond to questions or is uncommunicative is likely to have poor customer service. A responsive roofer is more likely to follow through with promises and arrive on time to start the project.

But, at the end of the day, your instincts should tell you which roofer to select.


Start by looking for local roofers in your area. Not only will they be quicker to respond, but they will be easier to check for local reputation. You’ll also be supporting your local economy this way.

Then check for insurance and other important credentials. Reviews and feedback are very useful also. But, when it comes to pricking your preferred roofer, don’t ignore your instincts. Spending a little more is worth it when the customer service is top of the line as well as the quality of roofing work.

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