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Top architects on Instagram and their income

21 Apr 2020

Top architects on Instagram and their income

Top architects on Instagram and their income list

Though they are separated by huge distances, their passion for innovation in the field of Architecture is what keeps architects united around the world.

There is no doubt Instagram has grown to become one of the biggest names in the social media market, and due to several breathtaking and beautiful designs uploaded by its users following the innovations and minimalist feats. We have stumbled upon tons of revolutionary ideas on Instagram and would like to share a few with everyone. Nowadays, many architects take Instagram marketing service to gain more followers and engagement on Instagram. Click to BuyTrueFollowers to see their Instagram followers offers.

So, without wasting any more time let’s dive straight into Instagram to take a closer look at the top architects on Instagram.

  • We start off this list with OFIS. OFIS is based in Slovenia and consists of Rok Oman and Spela Videcnik. They specialise in creating gravity-defying structures. These structures are built right on the edges of cliffs like the Winter cabin on Kanin. Each of their structure is approached in a unique manner and it takes a sleek and organic form. With over 29k followers on Instagram, OFIS is one of the leading architects on Instagram.
  • Luciano Kruk is Argentina born architect who has garnered a huge fan base on Instagram with over 133k followers on the platform. He is best known for his housing projects which are melded with modern design and great outdoors. He uses concrete and wood to create the perfect balance of luxury and style with an approach towards minimalism.

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  • Pitsou Kadem is a Tel Aviv based firm led by architect Pitsou Kadem. Best known for his creation of user-friendly and accessible spaces that instils a sense of drama. Spaces are squeezed tightly in order to create a balance between void and volume. Pitsou Kadem has over 103k followers on Instagram.

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  • Studio Saxe if your one-stop solution for your exotic resort vibes. Costa Rica based Studio Saxe is famed for its use of local materials in their construction. With the help of sustainable sources, they aim for the ultimate sensory experience. Their designs are both contemporary and stunning. Studio Saxe has over 22k followers on Instagram. Check out the floating house in Santa Teresa and be prepared to be amazed.
  • Reiulf Ramstad Architects is a proper reflection on Scandinavian architecture. This Oslo based firm is best known for its sci-fi elements in their designs. Some of their masterpieces include the zig-zag pathways of the Trollstigen or the glass viewing platforms in a clinging and steep hillside. They have a base of 53k followers on Instagram.
  • Steffen Welsch Architects are best known for their awesome innovations in combining art and technology. They favour using sustainable materials for construction such as hemp and rammed earth while embodying some staggering ideas. Check out their underground pool for rainwater harvesting or the Glen Iris House. They have over 11k followers on Instagram
  • Keno Kuma and Associates is a Tokyo based architecture firm with offices spanning from Paris to Tokyo. Keno is best known for bringing a sense of zen in his projects. With over 139k followers, Keno Kuma and Associates is one of the biggest names on Instagram.

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