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Top 5 Investment Opportunities in 2021

11 Nov 2021

Top 5 Best Investment Opportunities

Investing is one of the easiest sources of income generation. If you are sitting on some green that you have recently acquired, there are more profitable places to put it than just your bank account.

Well, yes, a savings account or a fixed deposit account can really make you some interest income. But there are more beneficial opportunities waiting for you out there.

Investing in places with high-market value can really pull you out of a jam in the future, help you save for college tuition of your kids, or have a fund for your retirement plans. If you don’t need all that, having more income without spending hours on it is still a good deal, isn’t it?

To increase your wealth and achieve your financial goals, you always need to look out for investment opportunities. You might be investing too much time on the stock exchange, banks, or searching for government securities to find a perfect risk-free investment.

But what if we tell you the top 5 best investment opportunities you can invest in to have a bright future? That is where this article is going to help you.

Below are the top 5 investment opportunities for you to gain some real dough in 2021.

1.    Real Estate

We have no doubts about putting real estate as the number one investing opportunity. Homes are basic necessities for all kinds of people, and if you invest in the right kind of real estate, you can easily make huge amounts of profit.

However, you need to be very strategic while engaging in the real estate business. You are not really buying a house for yourself, you are being involved in the rental housing business. More than luck, it’s a matter of how well-versed you are in the game. So, do your research properly and invest like a wise person.

In the long-term, real estate investments can easily get you massive returns through rentals.

Top 5 Best Investment Opportunities

2.    Dividend Stock Funds

While investing in stocks is an easy option to make profits, investing in stocks that pay dividends is safer. When you are a stockholder or shareholder in a company, you will receive dividend payments on a quarterly or semiannual basis. This enables you to gain consistent short-term profits in a long-term investment.

These payments can help you run your regular life in a more comfortable way, or help you save enough to achieve your big goals in the future.

Although you can still make a lot of money on capital gain stocks, they are not safer and risk-free as stocks that will pay you dividends. However, market research is still important to figure out what stocks will pay you the highest dividends.

3.    Cryptocurrency

Third, on our list is cryptocurrency – a kind of digital only-electronic currency that has become a medium of exchange in a significant part of the world. This currency is not a legal tender, but it is a digital asset that’s worth a lot. You buy this currency digitally with your real, dollar currency. And once the currency’s value increases, you can sell it for profit.

There are different players in the market that are offering their own branded cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, ethereum, and Binance coin, which are the three most popular and most valuable cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency that is currently worth 67,043.10 United States dollars (at the time this article was written). The price of bitcoin fluctuates a lot.

The fluctuation is what makes cryptocurrency a risky investment, however, considering the pattern, if you are in it for a long-term and can sit on it for years, you can come on the other side as a really wealthy individual.

4.    Nasdaq-100 Index Fund

If you don’t want to analyze the specific list of companies to figure out which company will make you the most money, you can go for Nasdaq-100. In this stock index, you don’t have to pick for losers or winners, all of them can make you good money.

Nasdaq-100 index fund is based on the 100 largest, most profitable companies in the country, which are the most successful 100 companies that you can find in your country. Companies in this index include the likes of Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and so on.

A Nasdaq-100 basically offers you a vast diversification in a single place, and it’s a cheap way to own all of the good companies’ stock. The expense ratio is quite low.

The point to note here is that some companies in Nasdaq-100 don’t pay dividends. On those stocks, you would be making money off capital gains.

5.    Government Bond Funds

Government bond funds are one of the safest debt securities you can invest in. Such instruments include T-bills, T-notes, and T-bonds.

These are debt securities that are backed and guaranteed by the federal government. For low-risk investors, these government bonds are perfectly suitable.

Moreover, if you are a beginner investor, these investments can help you learn a thing or two and get familiar with cash flow.

Top 5 Best Investment Opportunities Conclusion

Now that you know about our top 5 recommendations for investment opportunities in the current year, you can easily narrow down your search to opportunities that offer guaranteed, risk-free results.

Before making a decision, you need to consider a bunch of things, including how much risk you are ready to tolerate, how long you are willing to wait for the returns, how much experience and knowledge you have, and lastly, how much you can invest.

If you have all the answers, you are ready to dive in! good luck.

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