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The Power of Lines: Architecture

Architectural Design Discussion by Dr. Peter Magyar, Kansas State University, USA

May 21, 2018

Architecture Drawings – The Power of Lines

Original content on e-architect – article by by Dr. Peter Magyar – a series of drawings:

The Power of Architectural Lines

– The first drawing is one of my favorites: The Nerd Cat. Drawn by a six year old daughter of one of my former students.

The Power of Lines, Peter Magyar

– The second drawing, a true one-liner is mine, which was shortlisted and exhibited in Berlin at the World Architecture Festival Architecture Drawing Prize. Unfortunately, they shortened the text to “between the lines”. The original, as my credo, was like this:

Between the lines, matter withstands gravity of body and thoughts.

The Power of Lines, Peter Magyar

The next three drawings are also freehand drawings, but made with an Apple-Pencil on an iPad-Pro tablet. My chair-design, and my sketch of two of my recent projects of my students (Eric Jensen and Jiayi Wang).

The Power of Lines, Peter Magyar

The Power of Lines, Peter Magyar

The Power of Lines, Peter Magyar

The next is an old pen drawing, part of a process, and the Villa La Rotonda (near Vicenza, Italy, designed by Andrea Palladio), a finger drawing on my small screen iPhone (at the site).

The Power of Lines, Peter Magyar

The Power of Lines, Peter Magyar

The last poster and text (below) is really the essence of my belief and method.

The Power of Lines, Peter Magyar

Just a few words about the events of last year, which was the 50th anniversary of my graduation: I had a one man show in Budapest, “The roots of Infinity” at the Palace of Arts, and have been elected to a Fellow of RIBA.

Dr. Peter Magyar

Dr. Peter Magyar, FRIBA, is an International educator, architect and author. Since 1989 he has been head and director of three Architectural Departments, or School, at the Penn State, Florida Atlantic and Kansas State Universities respectively. He is interested in the intuitive and cognitive processes of design, archived thousands of drawings in this field, some of them are published in his latest books: “Thought Palaces”, 1999 Architectura & Natura Press, and “ThinkInk”, 2010, Kendall Hunt.

Peter Magyar
Dr. Peter Magyar

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