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Highrise Architecture – Tower Design Project

Tower Project – design by Margot Krasojevic

8 Sep 2009

Highrise Tower

Hidden Highrise

Design: Margot Krasojevic

Using architecture to harness/dictate the natural elements/contexts/environments employing this illusion to create a virtual environment, phenomena replicating nature by drawing attention to the physical space in order to provoke multiple horizons, and perceptions of both the actual and virtual projected space within architecture.
The virtual projected inner space attempts to make us conscious of the moment, the situation invoking a space from which to consider the affect.

Hidden Highrise Hidden Highrise design Hidden Highrise project

A space allowing us to see ourselves experiencing ever-changing horizons, which in turn alters our relationship with what is real and what is implied. The individual engages with the architecture whereby each presence affects the perception of space and its appropriation. The architecture’s characteristics allow the body to interact with the space from rigid repeated inflexible building envelopes, a dual role, provoking and instigating an appropriation and change of typology.

Hidden Highrise Hidden Highrise Hidden Highrise

The outer facades shed their monolithic presence according to light levels and inner projections creating either reflected, superimposed, collaged glimpses of the surrounding physical context and the internal structure which emits light and activity. The object of the architecture is the individual experiencing the spaces and the subject is the changing context in which they are engaged with the spaces. An awareness of the body is heightened through sensory consciousness.

Transforming the visual field within the Hidden Highrise into a series of ever adapting and changing cityscapes. A continuous shift of horizon lines and superimposed illusory spaces blurring the boundaries between physical and virtual alters typology and our perception of reality whilst addressing the physical and shedding its predetermined and predictable nature in relationship to the virtual and its possibilities.

Hidden Highrise Hidden Highrise Hidden Highrise

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Location:London, UK

Margot Krasojevic

Margot Krasojevic

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