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Sulphur Springs Roofing Tips for Spring Cleaning Checklist

Nov 9, 2019

Sulphur Springs Valley USA
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Not only does timely maintenance extend the life of your roof and save on expensive repairs but it also safeguards the elite structure of your home that might otherwise be damaged due to a roof that does not do its job well. A well-maintained roof also works wonders to make your home look beautiful and aids in preserving its market value.

Finally, but perhaps the most essential aspect of a roof that is maintained well is that it keeps you and your family protected from the elements and safeguards you from the risk of injury, which is very important in a place like Sulphur Springs that sees many tornado storms. A few vital tasks that can help you to preserve the health of your roof:

Sulphur Springs Roofing, Hopkins County, Texas

Cleaning the Gutters

Gutter cleaning is extremely important in keeping your roof in good shape. Most frequently done when spring cleaning, it is a good idea to repeat the exercise, or get in a local gutter cleaning firm, once every few months to ensure that the gutters are free of leaves and other debris that can prevent the rain and storm water from exiting properly and resulting in water seepage and leaks that can create a big mess inside. According to, you should also check that the seams are in proper shape while you are cleaning the gutters.

Pruning Overhanging Branches

Trees that have branches overhanging your home can provide shade and look beautiful in the bargain. However, they tend to drop massive amounts of leaves on the roof and sometimes even whole branches that have become weak and fall due to the weight of the accumulated snow or due to strong winds causing heavy damage to your roof. It is a good idea to have the overhanging branches trimmed by a professional agency like Nunez Roofing LLC Sulphur Springs.

Removing Leaves

Even if you do not have trees overhanging your roof, you will be surprised to see the number of leaves and other organic debris that can accumulate on the roof. The leaves blowing around in the wind or dropping from the trees can collect near the chimney or in the roof valley and act to retain moisture and accelerate the decaying process of the roof. Use a blower or even a simple leaf rake to clear the leaves from the roof. It helps to have a friend on the ground to point out the areas that need the most attention.

Removing the Moss

Even though moss may seem harmless, its unchecked growth can end up damaging your roof. The danger of moss growing on the roof is that it acts to trap moisture, which promotes damp that ultimately leads to the weakening of the structure of the home and damaging it. Make it a point to inspect your roof regularly and remove the moss buildup with an environmentally friendly pesticide or even with a stiff brush and water.


Replacing a roof can be pretty expensive so as a matter of abundant precaution, you should schedule an annual roof inspection by a professional company to check out the health of your roof. Make sure the company you hire is certified, have a good reputation, and have the necessary insurance that will protect you from personal injury liability.

Sulphur Springs Roofing Tips for Spring Cleaning Checklist
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