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Stealth Soft Wash Proportioner System

18 February 2022


Each CHEMGUARD line proportioner comprises of a body, stream, throat, and metering opening – which are all erosion safe metal. The line proportioner body is planned with a female NPT strung channel and a male NPT strung outlet (see Line Proportioner Dimensions). The proportioner body is obviously set apart with a stream heading bolt and the planned focus rate.

The channel fly is gotten by a hardened steel holding ring on models CPL-60 through CPL-350; the gulf stream is strung set up on models CPL-420 through CPL-730. The metering hole or movable metering valve is estimated by the sort and level of froth concentrate utilized. The metering hole is gotten with a hardened steel holding ring to empower simplicity of progress over to other concentrate rates. In fixed frameworks, the line proportioner might be mounted at a greatest distance of 8 ft (2.4 m) over the base froth fluid surface.

Stealth soft wash proportioner system guide

Stealth Soft Wash Proportioner System for Buildings


CHEMGUARD line proportioners are intended to present a controlled progression of froth amass into a compressed water stream. They give a modest froth proportioning implies for frameworks requiring fixed stream rates and where accessible water supply pressures are sufficient.

Contingent upon explicit froth frameworks configuration, line proportioners might work with bay tensions as low as 80 psi (5.52 bar). In any case, in many frameworks a water strain between 125 psi and 200 psi (8.62 bar and 13.79 bar) is required. The stream rate and working tension expected at the froth making gadget are of essential significance in deciding the necessary line proportioner channel pressure. The line proportioner should match the stream pace of the froth making release gadget.

CHEMGUARD line proportioners can be utilized with a wide range of froth concentrates. The proportioners are accessible in a wide scope of sizes for fixed froth framework applications. These applications likewise require an environmental froth concentrate stockpiling tank as displayed in the Typical Line Proportioning System schematic.

Average applications incorporate use by metropolitan local groups of fire-fighters and CFR type vehicles, or with fixed frameworks for safeguarding combustible fluid stockpiling tanks, stacking racks, dam regions, and anyplace combustible fluids are utilized, put away, handled, or shipped.

The PROportioner framework is a solitary, no blending technique for applying Aqua Aid Products. It is planned explicitly for use on a wide range of turf, perennials, annuals, vegetables and elaborate plantings, for example, fairways, athletic fields, scene planting, home nurseries, hydro cultivating, nurseries, relocating and so on

The Gandy Drop Spreaders make exact, proficient utilizations of dry free-streaming materials. The spreader is accessible in size 36″ and 42″ and accompanies a sturdy powder coat finish that will guarantee the life span being used. These variable rate drop spreaders with Push-handle can be utilized to apply seeds, synthetics, top dressings, fungicides, soil fumigants and composts.

The Hahn Spray Bug, a mobile shower framework which joins accuracy application effortlessly of utilization and basic alignment. It permits you to shower your greens all the more precisely while keeping vehicles off delicate turf. The framework’s spouts are noticeable to the client during showering, and the blast cover takes out float while putting your splash material exactly where you need it. The Spray Bug is presently more extensive, quicker, accompanies a bigger tank, and is a powerful strategy for miniature dosing supplements. A discretionary specially coordinated froth stamping framework is accessible for the Spray Bug.

Widespread proportioner framework

The Universal Proportioner System covers a wide application range for epoxy and urethane overlaying pitch and coatings. The air engine drives a substantial rocker arm linkage drive which drives two twofold acting responding cylinder siphons. The sap side is fixed and the hardener side is movable, utilizing an upper and lower screw/cinch square to set the proportion range.

Contingent upon wanted stream rates and proportions, a progression of liquid areas and apportion weapons are accessible to meet your requirements. The tempered steel liquid segment series incorporates perfluoroelastomer delicate seats which are great for improved metering with exceptionally low consistency hardeners. The UPLS-1000 liquid segment alone has a result scope of more than 4 gallons (15.14 liters) at 40 cycles each moment. Matched with the UPLS-4600 hardener liquid segment, for instance, and set at a 3:1 proportion, would add up to 5.4 gallons (20.44 liters) each moment.

Standard on most frameworks is the easy to understand Pro Recirculation Gun. This permits a simple method for cleansing air out of the framework during material holder change, proportion checks, shut-down and fire up systems with no material waste. The High-Volume Automatic 1:1 Pro Gun is additionally ideal to use with this framework. The tempered steel head with solidified 440 hardened steel valve pole comes standard with another glass filled Teflon valve bar seals. For lower stream rates, and applications that require a hand held weapon, we suggest the exemplary 1:1 Pro Gun.

In line Balanced Pressure Foam Proportioner

FIRETECH Inline Balanced Pressure Foam Proportioner is utilized for exact proportioning of Foam Concentrate and fire water to frame froth arrangement over a wide scope of stream and tension. You can peruse more with regards to the web-based club einzahlung auf rechnung. Inline Balanced Pressure Foam Proportioner (ILBP) is utilized with Positive Displacement Foam Pump and Atmospheric Foam Storage Tanks.

FIRETECH Inline Balance Pressure Foam Proportioner comprise of following fundamental parts i.e Foam Proportioning body, pressure adjusting valve, Pressure check Water and Foam, pressure trim hose, manual abrogate valve.

Positive dislodging froth concentrate siphon conveys compressed froth Concentrate to the strain adjusting valve. Fire-water and froth Concentrate tension at delta of froth Proportioner is shown by the water pressure measure and froth pressure check inline balance froth Proportioner will precisely extent the necessary measure of froth move into fire-water stream over a wide scope of stream and strain.

Firetech ILBP can be given or without Manual Over-ride.

          Accessible Sizes: 65 NB, 80 NB, 100 NB and 150 NB

          Stream range from 300 LPM to 11,000 LPM

          Hardened Steel Construction (SS 304 and SS 316)

          Working Pressure: 3 BAR to 12 BAR

          Flanged End Connection

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