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Singapore as an Investment Destination for Luxury Properties

2 Aug, 2022

Singapore investment destination for luxury properties

As the real estate industry continues to grow, we are constantly getting more and more innovative investment opportunities. Singapore is among the leading real estate markets around the globe and is home to Terra Hill properties among other luxury property investments. Such investments go beyond conventional property establishment to build a great experience for property owners. This is what Singapore has consistently been pushing over the years and the results are evident.

Today, there is no doubt that Singapore is a preferred destination for luxury property investors. According to the Terra Hill website, “there is a wide array of modern facilities and amenities within the development to let residents enjoy an extraordinary living experience beyond their elegant homes.” This is proof enough of the great things happening in this lucrative property segment in the country.

Leading the way in Luxury Property Investments

Corporate reports show Singapore taking a leading position on emerging trends in real estate in recent times. A typical example is Singapore’s rental growth experienced over the years compared to other countries in the Asia-Pacific.  From these reports, it is clear that high net worth (HNW) investors prefer this destination to many others in the region. This is more so because Singapore has taken a lead in investment prospects with the best city development prospects.

On matters of rental growth, Singapore is among the top-ranking destinations due to its city planning efforts. Further, the country’s excellence in this area has advanced through cooling measures implemented to enhance sustainability in the real estate market. The strong appeal to investors in the country’s luxury property market is also attributed to robust stability factors on natural disasters and geopolitics.

Singapore has attracted investors both from inside and outside the country. The country’s track record among property investors around the globe has been consistent over the last four years. Ranked among the top three luxury property destinations based on investment prospects, Singapore has a strong and reliable market for properties. This is especially due to its sound statecraft and stability in geopolitics.

Wooing Investors with Strong Government Policy

Chinese investors have flooded the Singapore real estate market and this trend is expected to continue in the coming years. This is primarily because of its geographical advantage and government policy that is friendly to foreign capital. Experts project that this market will soon surpass that of China and the U.S., especially for these Chinese investors. As a haven for taxes, Singapore continues to experience foreign demand for its real estate.

The regulatory action by Singapore at planned intervals has been instrumental in ensuring long-term growth and sustainability in this investment destination. Typical properties in this market include freehold residential developments of modern apartments with great facilities in serene neighborhoods. These establishments continue to appeal to investors from around the globe as the market is constantly expanding with more luxury properties.

With this trend in Singapore, its real estate market is in a strategic position to experience global capital inflows.  The general outlook is exceptionally resilient. It has overcome global economic challenges due to increased commodity prices, interest rates and geopolitical instability. Therefore, the market comes out as a lucrative option for HNW investors from around the globe.

Rising Statistics in Singapore’s Property Market

Real estate experts project that property prices in Singapore will double those of 2018 by 2030.  The key indicators for this development are the country’s growth in GDP, foreign talent inflow, the investment landscape and a well-managed land supply.  With regular cooling measures in the country, the market demand is not expected to get speculative and euphoric. Therefore, this is a good sign for investors.

Singapore has overcome all odds such as the Covid-19 pandemic to thrive in its real estate market.  There have been reasonable capital gains due to healthy price growth rates despite the macroeconomic headwinds experienced globally in recent times. Today, Singapore’s luxury property market includes freehold landed property, premium condominiums and good-class bungalows with a quantum range of SG$5-20 million and above.

Singapore investment destination for luxury properties – Final Thoughts

Singapore is a top destination for luxury property investments. Over the years, the country has immensely grown in its development, investments and rental metrics. Due to its strong policy on the real estate industry, many more local and foreign investors find it a suitable destination for investment.

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