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Simple Steps to Protect Your Home from Termites

21 Feb 2020

Simple steps to protect home from termites

Simple Steps to Protect Your Home from Termites Tips

Although people often underestimate the severity of problems with termites, these insects are much more dangerous than they can seem to be. These insects can completely destroy wooden parts of the building and even cause more serious damage if your house’s framings are made of wood.

What is more, termites are not so easy to detect, which means that they can stay unnoticed for long, and you may find the evidence of their existence occasionally. Probably, you would like to know how to get rid of termites quickly and efficiently? The information below will help!

Know Your Enemy

For termites, the most valuable is not the wood itself but the cellulose that it contains. It means that these insects can feed on paper, cardboard, and processed wood. Consequently, humans’ houses are perfect places for them.

To detect the presence of termites, check out for small round holes in wood, signs of rot, and mud tubes that they build to travel. You can also find their feces, which indicates that the colony is somewhere nearby. Finally, do not hesitate to check every inch of wooden parts if you are buying a house since the earlier you detect termites, the easier it would be to get rid of them.

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How to Avoid Infection?

First of all, ensure that there is no moisture near the foundation of the building. Termites love watery places; so, proper drainage is necessary to keep them away. Secondly, make sure that no wooden parts of the house are in direct contact with the ground since it will allow termites to enter the house easily and get access to food and water. A good place to get assistance is this website:

Everything that consists of wood should be at 6 inches above the ground, and it would be better to protect wooden parts with concrete. Besides, avoid storing wood close to your house’s foundation. It is a great source of food for termites, and it provides them with a hidden entry into the house.

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Simple Steps to Protect Your Home from Termites
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