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Should You Build or Buy a Greenhouse

15 Feb 2021

Should you build or buy a greenhouse

Having a greenhouse will allow you to grow all the types of seedlings you prefer. However, there are some important steps that you need to go through before having one. The first thing you need to know is whether you will build or buy it.

To help you decide, you can ask those around you who own a greenhouse. However, some of them will recommend buying a greenhouse, while others will suggest building it on your own This can be confusing but you need to understand that every person has different needs, sizes of space, budgets, and features they’re looking for. To be able to make the right choice, you should first know the difference between the two and determine which option will suit you better.


Many people believe that building a greenhouse is more affordable than buying a greenhouse kit, but that’s not entirely true. In some cases, constructing a standard greenhouse with little to no features can be more expensive than buying one. If you plan to buy a pre-built greenhouse, manufacturers can offer you better prices as they are used to building standard greenhouse kits and purchasing the materials at a much lower cost.

On the other hand, if you’re only going to customize a greenhouse and add some features, making it on your own can cost you less. Still, you might find customizable greenhouse kits at a lower price. Once you decide on the size of your greenhouse and the features you’re looking for, contact several companies to ask about their quotations on their kits and know how much it will cost you if you’re building it yourself to compare the prices.


Unless you have previous experience in building a greenhouse, you will not be able to create a special design. Building one on your own means that you’re going to stick to the regular shape, materials, and features. If you want to have a high-quality aluminum or steel greenhouse, you might find it difficult to get those materials and build it on your own. Buying a steel greenhouse kit from the leading supplier of greenhouses will guarantee you that it won’t easily rust or break after a short time. As mentioned earlier,  if you choose to use aluminum or steel as your foundations for your greenhouse, you may need help from manufacturers as they’re hard to handle. However, if you want a simple wooden greenhouse, it will be easy to build it all by yourself without any help.


Almost all greenhouse manufacturers offer a warranty. For a lot of people, having a 2-year warranty is a guarantee that their greenhouse will serve its purpose for at least 2 years and if anything goes wrong with it, they can simply call the manufacturer. Unfortunately, when you build it on your own, you don’t get any warranty if something goes wrong. You will either fix it yourself or hire someone to fix it. You can only get a warranty for the materials you’re buying but it’s not a guarantee that the greenhouse you built will provide you with the results you want.

What to Choose

There’s no definitive answer to whether you should buy or build a greenhouse as it all depends on you. If you want to build it on your own to save money, then you will build a standard wooden greenhouse with few features. You will also need to get recyclable glass and wood materials to lower the cost. Moreover, before you start building, you will need to gather some information on how to build a greenhouse and determine what tools are needed.

If you want a big greenhouse with a unique design and features to match your gardening skills, it’s better to get a manufactured greenhouse kit that suits your needs. Keep in mind that getting a manufactured one can be more affordable in the long run than building it on your own.

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Should You Build or Buy a Greenhouse Summary

If you want to upgrade your gardening game and start planting different types of flowers, fruits and vegetables, then a greenhouse is your go-to option. Having a greenhouse has endless benefits. It’s great protection for plants and flowers from extreme temperatures, and it can assist you in growing different types of vegetables and seasonal fruits all year long.

Plus, it will also be a great place to store all of your gardening tools. Having a greenhouse will also allow you to have a place for all your plants, instead of occupying your entire backyard. In order to know whether you should buy one or built it on your own, you should first do some research on what type of greenhouse you want, how much each option will cost, and whether you will be able to do it yourself or not.

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