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5 Secrets of Making a Greenhouse at Home Guide

15 Dec 2020

Palm trees, oranges, orchids, lianas – exotic plants require special care, especially if you are planning to place them in the loggia of a city apartment or in a suburban winter garden. When winter comes, you can equip a real greenhouse on the balcony, in a room or in a special transparent winter garden. Since the purpose of the room is specific, and it should be convenient for numerous plants, it is important to study some of the greenhouse secrets.

5 Secrets of making a greenhouse at home

5 Secrets of Making a Home Greenhouse

  1. Selection of the Plants

The small area of a home winter garden does not mean that a few plants can be located there. With the right selection and correct arrangement of containers with flowers, you can create a cosy atmosphere of a green oasis. You can use a larger plant as the main object of the composition – ficus, palm, yucca, dracaena, or a lemon tree. Smaller objects like amaryllis hippeastrum flower are placed around it. We recommend choosing flowers that match the outlines of the leaves, their dimensions or shade. If the rose or orchid are used in the composition, it is better to place them closer to the source of natural light.

  1. Greenhouse Conditions

Real greenhouses are huge with their own communications and space. In a country house, you can build a large greenhouse, but if you start with more modest spaces, then the loggia of a city apartment is a perfect place. There is more light in such rooms than in the living rooms. The best location is east and southeast corner, as plants on the south side can overheat, while on the north side will not get enough sunlight.

  1. Keep It Warm

What’s growing in your greenhouse? Coffee trees, orchids or maybe succulents from the dry tropics? The temperature regime depends on the choice of flora. A stable climate can be ensured by taking care of reliable windows – they will protect the loggia from heat loss. If possible, try to additionally insulate the walls and floor of the room.

  1. Make It Shine

Even in the case of good lighting, use fluorescent lamps. The artificial sun should extend the daylight time in the winter garden for up to 10 hours. Gardeners usually use large fluorescent lamps. Ordinary energy-saving lamps or fashionable LED devices can also cope with lighting in a home winter garden (the last option allows you to create a unique lighting design).

  1. Arrange the Required Humidity

The humidity level is another issue directly related to the origin of plants. You may not additionally humidify the air if you plan to decorate your winter garden with cactus and succulents. American yucca or African aloe also like to grow in drier places. Lianas and orchids require high humidity, so you need to think about how to provide it.

Experts recommend starting the creation of a greenhouse from flowers that are unpretentious in care. Caring for such plants is a pleasure, even for inexperienced growers.

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