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Set Up Your Very Own Construction Business Guide

3 Jun 2021

Set Up Your Very Own Construction Business

The construction business is a lucrative one. If you are looking to venture into the industry, you have made an excellent choice. However, you might want to know that the construction industry has one of the highest failure rates.

The truth is, the increased business failure rate among many startups isn’t just because of the nature of the business. It’s the approach of many entrepreneurs. The good news is you don’t have to be one of those that their business closed down less than five years after starting up. That’s said, here’s a short guide on how to set up your very own construction business.

Set Up Your Very Own Construction Company

  1. Research everything

From market research to what it takes to run the business you’re looking to start, extensive research is the first step. There’s no point in starting up a company that you don’t understand the operation’s ins and out.

Comprehensive research will help you draw an excellent proof business plan. If you don’t know what you need to research, it might be best to speak with experts in the industry. You can also try the United States small business administration (SBA), where you’ll get access to many free resources. However, here are a few questions to ask yourself;

  • Is the business viable in the chosen area?
  • How many competitors are in the area?
  • Who are your competitors, i.e., what are their specialties in the construction industry?
  • What are the requirements of your business? E.g., finance, taxes, regulatory laws, license or permit, insurance, etc.
  1. Write a business plan

It’s simple. If you don’t plan to succeed, you’ve technically or unconsciously prepared for failure. This point is where you put your research data together. Writing a  business plan is one of the essential steps to carry out in any business. It’s one of the reasons why many companies fail.

Many entrepreneurs underestimate its importance, so they just make business moves as the need arises without a long or short plan or goals. It’s usually a recipe for failure. You don’t have to allow a business plan to intimidate you; if you know you can’t do it alone, it’s alright to ask for help as it’s a vital piece in your success story. Here are a few points to include in your business plan.

  • How you want to structure and manage your startup.
  • The services you’ll need and how to create relationships. For example, if you are into the building of properties, you’ll want to establish relationships with suppliers of building materials.
  • What number of staff strengths you want to work with.
  • You also want to consider maintenance plans.
  • Projection of profit & ways to measure the performance of your company
  1. Construction Equipments & Machinery

The business of construction can be complex. So, it’s important to have the right tools to help out. What are some of the most important pieces of equipment for any construction site? Some of the most important components are cranes, excavators, loaders, bulldozers, and forklifts. With these key items in hand, you can get your project off the ground faster. You can hire rental cranes and lifting services from Boss Crane instead of buying them. It will save you a lot of money.

  1. Register your business

To make your company a legal entity, it’s important that you take this step. Trust us, we’ve seen some people try to avoid registering their business. Thinking they don’t need it as a small business owner. You’ll not only be a legal entity, but registration of business also offers you legal protection, tax benefits. You can even register at the federal level, which offers the chance to trademark the name of your business and logo with the trademark and patent office.

  1. Secure the permits & finance needed

Sometimes, huge finance may not be readily available to start your construction business. That doesn’t mean you can’t initiate moves. Of course, you’ll have some savings to get some things going. You can secure financial help from private lenders, banks, government loans, or even partnerships with friends who share the same business dream with you.

Also, you want to make sure you secure the necessary permits. Virtually all business sectors have permits for operation, which is issued by the authorities. You don’t want to be found wanting here.

  1. Start and grow

Starting isn’t totally the hard part of a construction business. It’s staying afloat that’s the major work. The list of what to do to stay alive in the construction industry is endless. However, you want to ensure your business is customer-focused. If you can gain your customer’s loyalty by building a good reputation, chances are you’ll get very far.

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