Selecting granite for your home guide

Selecting granite for your home tips, Denver house building material advice, Colorado property interior guide

Selecting granite for your home tips

5 August, 2021

The durability and the anesthetic appeal of granite make it the in-vogue countertop material today. However, it can be pretty challenging to choose the one that matches your favorite design, considering the array of styles of over 200 colors that come with it.

This article gives you some smart tips on choosing granite for your countertops.

Selecting granite for your home guide

Selecting granite for your home advice guide

Choose the right match.

Keep the cabinet colors in mind when choosing granite for your countertops. Here is a procedure on how you pair them;

Match the color with the color of the cabinet. They can be of the same color, but the granite should have some darker veining.

Thus, if you’ve chosen white cabinets, you can pair them with white spring granite with brown, black, and grey veins.

Match the veining and marbling. Here, you can get some granite stones with contrasting colors and with veins of color matching your cabinets. If you have something like the espresso cabinetry, you will love matching the white spring granite.

Choose a granite pattern.

You can get granite in solid, marbled, and speckled. The solid has some slight variation in pattern, and the granites look great in smaller kitchens. The marbled ones make a smooth transition between texture and color.

The speckled granite is a popular version and available in a variety and helps make a subtle statement in your kitchen while enhancing the appeal of the simple cabinetry.

Select between light and dark granite

If you’ve minimal light in your kitchen, you need light colors that will make your kitchen appear brighter and larger.

Again, you have to go for a grey or black granite color for your kitchen to reflect a sophisticated contemporary look. If it’s tough to decide, you can pick some brown or beige, a safe choice; the colors are appealing with all styles.

For a robust countertop, avoid glittery tiles.

If you are a young mom with those playful beings who keep spilling and staining all over, you’d better void the glittery stones. They come with mica flakes blended with glittery golden and copper-colored crystals. Geologists call this schist. Though they are expensive, they are also brittle and, therefore, likely to develop cracks. Glittery slabs are a little apt for offices and bar tops where there’s less hardship. For ease of management, it would be better if you go for granite stones.

Granite Grades

Granite boxes are labeled from A to F, and the grade A’s may be less expensive, and as the grade grows to F, it gets costly because it’s the best quality. However, you should also understand that the grades are based on pricing, but this has no relationship with the quality of the granite.

The grading is for the storekeepers and sellers’ convenience. Thus if you’re okay with a color pattern of a lower granite, go ahead and choose one from a reputable granite showroom in Denver.

When looking for granite countertops, get a supplier registered and licensed so that you’re sure of excellent quality. Choose something that will be appealing to your home and durable.

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