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Real Estate Transaction Coordinator Hiring

14 March 2022

The secret is out– hiring transaction coordinators for your property business can undoubtedly become a game-changer for you.

With this added help, you can now delegate tasks that you used to work on by yourself resulting in more time to do other tasks that lean towards your expertise- which is doing sales.

As we all know, every property transaction is more than just the act of buying and selling, a lot of administrative tasks fall in between like paperwork, filing loans on behalf of your clients and the like.

Real estate transaction coordinator hire

Best Attitudes To Look For When Hiring A Transaction Coordinator In Real Estate

Doing these tasks outside of client meetings, property viewings and other more hands-on activities can leave you pressed for time.

And for this reason, transaction coordinators saw a rise in demand for their services and they are now widely employed to aid in a real estate agent’s everyday business needs.

In this article, we’re going to give you tips on what attitudes to look out for when hiring a transaction coordinator in real estate.

The Roles Of A Transaction Coordinator In Real Estate

A transaction coordinator can be as involved in the transaction as you want them to be.

Their usual tasks include planning inspections of the properties being sold and communicating with both parties (buyer and seller) with regards to updates in the ongoing transaction.

They can also be in charge of repair concerns, negotiation and keeping an eye on the repairs until it concludes.

Included in their administrative tasks are filing paperwork and making sure that they are sorted and finished in a timely manner.

Since transaction coordinators are now heavily in demand, some real estate agencies have started employing them in-house.

But there are a lot of third party agencies like Close Concierge where you can hire independent coordinators.

Signs Of An Excellent Transaction Coordinator

A good transaction coordinator should not only have outstanding abilities related to the job description, but they also need to have characteristics that will be essential for the nature of the job.

One of the most important traits a transaction coordinator must possess is scrupulous attention to detail.

Property transactions are filled with complex details that need to be sorted before they can be accomplished. Make sure that your transaction coordinator has a keen eye for every detail that must be reviewed before it gets filed.

Hiring real estate transaction coordinator advice

This is to avoid unwanted complications during the whole transaction process.

They must also be great decision-makers.

Although most of the time, they will be asking for your decision on certain tasks, there will be instances wherein they would need to decide on their own.

By hiring a transaction coordinator with excellent decision-making skills. You can also get a fresh set of eyes to help with ideas.

As a transaction coordinator in real estate, an individual must also possess excellent communication skills.

Since they will also be communicating with the sellers and buyers alike, they should be able to interact with them without any struggles.

Hire transaction coordinators from agencies like Close Concierge who are licensed and skilled as well as passionate and committed to helping you make your business grow.

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