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Planning a Property Renovation Project in Bristol?

21 December 2022

Bristol is one of the most beautiful of the UK’s major cities, and it offers the perfect blend of a lively city centre with plenty to do, easy access to other parts of the UK, and being close to more rural areas when you want to get away from it all and enjoy nature. It has plenty of history but is also a modern city with a thriving university scene. It’s also a city with good job prospects in a lot of sectors, where companies that don’t want to be based in London but want a site with good transport links and a pleasant location have chosen to have their headquarters there.

This means there are plenty of reasons to choose a home in Bristol, and whether you are moving there or already live there and want to renovate your home, there are some excellent architects in Bristol who can deliver amazing projects.

Planning a property renovation project in Bristol

Here, we talk about some things you should consider if you are planning a big renovation project in the Bristol area:

How Bristol Itself is Developing

Bristol as a city has some big plans for development in the short to medium term future. Over the coming 20 years, there are plans in place to build more affordable housing, space for companies that will increase employment opportunities, and improvements to transportation links. A lot of this is part of the plans made between Bristol’s own City Council, North Somerset Council, Bath and Northeast Somerset Council and South Gloucestershire Council to improve the housing market and meet the needs of the whole Bristol and Bath region. This is called the West of England Joint Spatial Plan, and looks to make significant improvements to the area’s housing needs by 2036.

There is also a Local Plan specific to Bristol itself, which addresses things like the need for more affordable housing, and this aims to add 33,500 new homes in this category by 2036 – helping to support an increase in Bristol’s population, provide options for first time buyers, and meet the city’s other housing needs.

As well as all of this planned growth, there is also a plan directed at more community-based things like health, the environment, the communities in and around the city, and technology. This aims to make Bristol reach world class standards in terms of things like digital connectivity by 2050.

All of these things make the future of the city look bright, but it is important to note that Bristol is already a good city to live in in terms of connectivity and transportation – these plans aim to support growth and make it an even more appealing place for people and businesses.

Why You Need an Architect with Local Knowledge to Get the Best Results

Of course, while Bristol is a modern and growing city, it also has a lot of history, and different parts of the city and its surrounding areas have different period architecture and different environmental surroundings. There is a big mix of old and new, and depending on the age of the property you are renovating, you’ll be wanting to keep the design in line with its neighbourhood. Bristol also has some more unusual historical areas, and properties in these places can take some special expertise when it comes to both the practical and visual aspects of renovating or modifying them.

An architect with local knowledge will not only bring their general professional skills with them but will also understand any local regulations that will apply to your project and be able to help guide you through them. They will also be experienced in delivering beautiful interior and exterior design that works with the property itself as well as its surroundings. Check out this site if you want to see some examples of completed projects by some great local architects and find an architect in Bristol.

Bristol homes refurbishment

Energy Efficiency, Sustainability, and Technology

As mentioned before, Bristol as a city is very concerned with being well connected digitally, and with things like sustainability. These are things almost everyone is concerned with these days, and which you’ll definitely want to consider when planning your property renovation. Using your renovation to make your property more energy efficient, perhaps by doing things like adding energy efficient forms of heating like underfloor heating, as well as going for the best in insulation, can not only make your home greener but also save you a lot of money in energy costs.

Your architect may also be able to advise ways you can make your home suitable for using things like solar panels, which can take your green credentials to another level. A renovation is a fantastic opportunity to adopt these kinds of technologies, and a good architect will not only be able to help you plan and implement them, but also to advise you of if there are currently any grants available for people who are making these environmentally friendly changes to their houses. It is not unusual for homeowners who want to modify their homes to be more sustainable or energy efficient to be able to recoup some costs through local or national government schemes, and a local architect will have knowledge of any current options that apply to your project, as well as how to apply.

When it comes to home technology, your connectivity will be tied to the property’s location. However, if your architect is also working on your interior design with you, they can help you plan for things like smart home technology that can offer things like security, convenience and energy management – allowing you to make your home really make the best out of what is currently available when it comes to home tech.

As you can see, Bristol is a pretty exciting city to be planning a home renovation in, and with the help of the right architect, you can get a beautiful result that fits in perfectly with its neighbours and offers you excellence in terms of efficiency and technology.

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