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Performance Architecture : Buildings

Built Environment Discussion by Brian Carter

9 Mar 2010

Performance Buildings

Performance is increasingly a focus of architecture. Prompted by genuine curiosity and an increasing urgency to know how the design of buildings can help to improve environmental conditions it is an interest that is also being fuelled by new technologies that enable spaces and systems to be monitored more effectively.

Brian Carter:

Brian Carter

Projects highlighted by e. architect this week suggest other ways of thinking about performance. They highlight the its changing nature as an activity to be considered with new proposals for theatres, concert halls and esplanades. Those proposals speak of the exuberance of star performers, first nights, the flaneur and the red carpet. They also identify the design competition as a way of flushing out ideas, conjuring up breathless descriptions and creating seductive images.

Vacarisses CTRV Building
photograph : Francisco Urrutia

The gap between image and performance in architecture can be wide. And while architectural education frequently focuses on image, design research is often remote from practice and the profession continues to enthusiastically hand over buildings to clients and move on to the next commission.

Performance is at the heart of the projects illustrated – whether in Taipei, Dublin or Paris. But what chance that each one will be re-examined on completion, tested by clients or designers and understood by students in ways that make performance a basis for new modern architectures?

Brian Carter

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