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Necktie 101: Matching Ties with Your Shirt and Suit

11 March 2022

It is true that women have far more styling options than men. They have different types of attire for individual occasions. While men only have some limited pieces that include pants, shirts, t-shirts, suits, and blazers.

However, men do have the option to add some finishing touches to their style by opting for accessories like neckties, tie bars/clips, bow ties, suspenders, lapel pins, belts, and such sort of things.

Today we will talk about neckties and how you can match them with your shirt and suit.

Necktie 101: matching ties with your shirt and suit

Necktie 101 – How to Match Ties with Shirts and Suits

There are many different types of style and patterns,when it comes to neckties, which include skinny ties, patriotic ties, and silk ties. Due to this, some men get confused in choosing ties that pair well with their outfits.

If you have never owned a necktie before, you might mistake matching your neckwear to the clothes you already have in your closet.

Always remember this: match your tie with clothes you already have and not the clothes with the tie.

This means, don’t just buy any tie that looks appealing. Buy neckties of the right measurement according to your body and have the color and pattern that best pairs your shirts and suits.

It’s not a big deal to match your dress, shirt and suit with your tie, isn’t it? All you need is basic knowledge about proportion, pattern, and color to build an interchangeable closet.

If you are a newbie, start with easy-to-match shirts and suits. Then keep on adding more flexible neckties that enhance your outfit. After you have selected the right out, you will start wondering how a necktie adds color to your complexion and makes you feel better.

Principles of matching

The necktie proportion

The necktie proportion here means the width and length of the tie according to a man’s body type and clothing style. A tall and wide man with a wide chest would look best when it pairs it with a wider than average tie, long enough to reach his belt.

On the other hand, a lean man should look for smaller neckties that should be skinny in width and also shorter in length. You can buy such ties at in many different patterns, including patriot ties and many more; you know what I mean if you are a true American!

Average sized people should always opt for neckties with 3-3.75 inches width. Although, if you are at the store and want to measure the width of a necktie, take a dollar bill and keep it on the top of the tie; if the tie is close to Washington’s nose, buy it. If it extends or is behind the head, just skip it.

The necktie color

The perfect answer to which color necktie works best doesn’t exist. However, there are two points that you can consider:

l The color of the necktie should include the message that you are trying to convey.

l Should consider the color that works best with your complexion.

If you want a more suave look, prefer pairing semi-solid colored with light patterned neckties with teal-colored shirts. If you wish to get attention, wear bold colors like a red necktie with a light-colored shirt.

The red-colored tie is known as the “power tie” because it has the power to draw attention and convince people.

When it comes to color combinations, you would want to imitate your natural skin tone. For instance, if you are a man with light-colored skin tone and hair, you should opt for pastel color combos.

Men with dark hair and dark skin tone can go for both low and high contrast tie and shirt/suit combo.

Necktie matching tie with shirt and suit

The necktie pattern

One of the biggest issues for men is to match neckties with strong patterns. These strong patterned ties rarely sell as compared to solid or semisolid ties. Strong patterned ties are never worn to lure others.

When such ties are worn rightly, these can create magic to any outfit. One of the things to consider while wearing patterned neckwear is to ensure that the tie’s own color doesn’t mismatch and the tie’s pattern doesn’t clash with the pattern of the shirt or suit.

When you combine a patterned tie with a shirt and suit, make sure that the pattern on the tie doesn’t present in the shirt or suit. For example, do not match a striped shirt with a striped necktie.

Yet you can wear that striped shirt with polka-dot or solid-colored ties. That is done because the identical patterns or designs placed close to each other create an illusion of movement.

If you still want patterned ties, ensure that your shirt or suit should be of plain colors. If you wish to get patterned ties, make sure it has small repeating patterns like dots or prints.

You can also opt for the striped pattern but pair it with a shirt or suit with no stripes. Also, consider paisley and plaid tie design.

The suit

Most suits available in the market are generally dark shades like gray or charcoal black. Most tie manufacturers know about the suits as these colors are widely used.

Blue-colored ties rarely complement dark hue suits; instead, they pair them with light-colored suits, where the color looks more natural. Consider getting a dark red tie if you wish to wear it with a gray or black suit.

Sports jackets and blazers

You can pair formal ties with blazers, traditionally paired with stripe or club ties. While talking about sports jackets, they are very informal, and you can match them up with a wool patterned necktie or silk paisley.

Smooth silk ties should be paired with rough weave jackets, while the wool ones with sports jackets for a more casual feel.

Necktie 101 – the bottom line

Matching your tie with your suit and shirt is a work of art, and you will know these when you mix and match different ties with different outfits. So, if you are willing to try different types of ties, you can buy them from, which has many options when it comes to ties.

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