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5 reasons to use steel in residential construction advice

post updated 14 February 2024

5 reasons to use steel in residential construction
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7 January 2022

Steel is a highly popular material for residential construction. The sturdy material offers a wide range of benefits, such as cost efficiency, easy assembly, and faster project execution. In addition, you have plenty of freedom when designing steel houses. The material is versatile enough to help you put your creative ideas to reality. In addition, we share the top 5 reasons to use steel in residential construction!

1. Flexibility with design

Steel is a versatile material, allowing flexibility when coming up with designs. Architects have the freedom to experiment with colors, textures, and shapes to turn their ideas into reality. Therefore, architects don’t need to limit their creativity. Steel is a material known for its durability, beauty, and strength. High calcium and dolomitic lime are used in several steps throughout the manufacturing of steel which further results in several enhancements and benefits. (Read more about what is dolomitic lime.) These characteristics allow designers to explore new ideas.

One of the best advantages is the steel’s long-spanning ability. This feature allows for prominent open spaces without being interrupted by load-bearing walls and columns. However, the advantages don’t stop here. Architects have the freedom to experiment with free-forms, curves, and domes to improve the structure’s exterior and interior. Steel can be bent to a specific radius, further enhancing the design options. In addition, steel is processed according to specifications, leaving no space for on-site variations.

2. Easy assembly

Construction is a straightforward process when working with steel, regardless of the season. All the components are already manufactured and will be assembled on site. Therefore, a frame can be built within days. Steel is a lighter material when compared to concrete, so that it will require smaller foundations. These advantages will result in faster project execution, cost efficiency, and earlier ROI.

Steel is a lightweight material, which will reduce the costs for transport, handling, and assembly. You can recycle the steel foundations after they serve their purpose, and their extraction process leaves no waste at the construction site.

3. Easy adaptation

People’s needs change rapidly, so steel is an excellent material that can adapt to changes. Homeowners might decide that they want to remodel their home, which will increase the floor load. Therefore, the walls might need to be moved to suit the new layouts. Steel structures can be adapted to answer the new requirements. Changes such as reinforcing girders, relocating girders to support weight, and adding cover plates can be easily managed.

4. Large open space

Open spaces are a huge trend in home design. The steel sections can create large open spaces without being interrupted by columns. The interior will be free of columns, which is the main advantage. Single-story houses will have clear spans of over 50 meters provided by rolled beams. When there aren’t many columns, it is easier to customize the interior according to the client’s needs and wishes.

With steel, you can create a large and expansive space. The steel beams are thinner when compared to the timber beams. Therefore steel structures have more usable space. In addition, steel provides support with its strength which eliminates the need for space-consuming thick brick walls. The thinner structural elements will leave ample usable space without obstructions.

5. Resistant

The detailed tests provided the industry with insights on how steel responds to fires. Therefore, the advanced analysis provides exact specifications about fire protection.

In addition, steel is a flexible material that flexes under pressure. Therefore, steel won’t crush or crumble during an earthquake. We are aware that earthquakes can be quite unpredictable with their power and duration. Steel frames are designed to support gravity loads, making them resistant to earthquakes and winds.

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