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Things to Know before moving to Urbandale, Iowa.

October 25, 2023

Moving to Urbandale, Iowa, USA

The city of Urbandale is located in Polk County, which is located in the state of Iowa. It is a relatively small city that can be found there. The number of new residents moving into Urbandale has not increased significantly over the last five years; however, the city has maintained a small, consistent number of new residents moving in Urbandale. There are currently 42,881 people living in this area, and the population growth rate has been 0.7% annually and 27.0% annually over the past five years.

Moving in Urbandale gives off the impression of a typical suburban community, which can be appealing to families who are searching for an affordable alternative to living in larger, more densely populated cities as well as a location that is conducive to the raising of children. Urbandale is located in Iowa, which is home to Iowa State University.

Urbandale, which is situated in the highly sought-after Polk County, is a wonderful residential community. Because the majority of people who reside in Urbandale also own their own houses, the community has the feel of a densely populated suburban region. The city of Urbandale is home to a plethora of cafes as well as numerous parks and open areas. So these are the top things to know before moving to Urbandale and if your final decision is to move there, contact Urbandale movers.

Cost of Living in Urbandale

With a monthly cost of living average of $1937, Urbandale is considered one of the most expensive cities in the world, ranking among the top 17% of such cities worldwide. According to our rankings, Urbandale is the 1563rd best city in the world out of 9294 total cities, the 1442nd best city in the United States out of 2202 total cities, and the 9th best city in the state of Iowa out of 24 total cities.

After taking into account taxes, the median salary comes out to $3755, which is enough money to cover one and a half months’ worth of essential living expenses. The city was ranked number 4595 on the list of the finest places to live in the world (the top 49 percent), number 1684 on the list of the best cities to live in the United States, and number 9 on the list of the most livable cities in the state of Iowa. On the list of the largest cities in the United States, Urbandale is located at position number 960, and it is estimated that there are 45,600 people living there.


Because the cost of living is almost 90% of the national average and the cost of housing is roughly 75% of the national average, Urbandale, Iowa, is one of the most cost-effective cities to call home. In this part of the country, one dollar will get you more square footage. In fact, seventy-one percent of residents here own their own homes. The national median for house worth is $264,200, whereas Iowa’s is substantially lower at $168,500.

The value of a home in Iowa is significantly lower than in any other state. Because there is such a wealth of helpful tools and services accessible in the state of Iowa, it is an excellent location from which to launch or grow a business. In addition, the state was ranked number one in Opportunity by U.S. News & World Report in 2021.

Embraces Diversity and Inclusion

Urbandale, Iowa, is a town that appreciates variety, extends a warm welcome to people of all walks of life, and actively seeks to involve them. Not only do people move to Urbandale from other parts of the United States, but the state is also home to thousands of people who have ancestors who originated from other continents, notably Asia, Africa, and Europe. Nick Pfeiffer, who works in the hotel business, has decided to make the city of Urbandale his permanent residence because of the city’s commitment to diversity as a basic value.

Pfeiffer made this decision because of the city’s dedication to diversity as a fundamental principle. It was his opinion that the college town was open to new ideas and ways of thinking that were different from the norm. Additionally, the community is brought together through the celebration of its artistic, cultural, and athletic achievements.

The Best Neighborhoods

The city’s central areas tend to have the city’s nicest neighborhoods, while the southwest is where you’ll find the best deals on real estate. Urbandale, Iowa, has a median home price of $308,077, which is less than the median home price of $376,286 across the US.

This means that moving to Urbandale is less expensive than in other areas. We looked at a large pool of cities with similar populations to Urbandale’s, including Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and Prescott Valley, Arizona, and found that Urbandale’s average home price is very close to theirs.

Urbandale’s median home cost is greater than the state’s median home cost of $221,598. These are the most desirable areas; hence, the market says they are the greatest neighborhoods. Although this map may also show which areas of Urbandale, Iowa, have the lowest crime rates and highest quality of life on average, its primary goal is to display the most desirable neighborhoods in terms of median home value. Urbandale’s housing market is highly fragmented because of the vast disparities in community quality.


The city’s prettiest neighborhoods are often located in the city’s central regions, while the southwest is where you can discover the best real estate deals. Compared to the national median home price of $376,286 (as of 2015), the median price of a home in Urbandale, Iowa, is $308,077, a significant discount. Consequently, house prices in Urbandale are more affordable than in other locations. The average housing price in Urbandale is fairly close to that of a significant number of similarly sized communities, such as Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and Prescott Valley, Arizona.

The $221,598 state median home price is more than Urbandale’s median home price. Since they are the most sought-after locations, the market rates them as the best communities. This map’s primary purpose is to display the most desirable neighborhoods in Urbandale, Iowa, based on median house value, but it may also show which regions have the lowest crime rates and highest quality of life on average. Various neighborhoods in Urbandale range greatly in terms of amenities and safety, creating a highly dispersed housing market.

Things to Know Before Moving to Urbandale, Iowa, USA – Closing

Urbandale was a “streetcar suburb” in the early 20th century because residents took the trolley to Des Moines. With 63% of people under 50, Urbandale remains a popular commuter community for young Des Moines professionals starting a family.

Appeal is obvious. Urbandale’s six school districts include Iowa’s best. The city also has over 50 parks, 50 miles of cycling and walking routes, tennis courts, baseball fields, and a skateboard park with two quarter pipes, so kids can play safely.

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