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Motorized blinds benefits guide

2 August, 2021

The Internet of Things (IoT) has established a closer connection between everything and added more convenience to our lives. You can now avail the services of Google Assistant or Alexa to lighten your load of repetitive tasks by allowing it to perform certain routine tasks.

You can even connect some of your utilities digitally so that you can operate them remotely. For example, if you leave your home in a hurry and forget to switch off the air conditioner, you can now do it remotely by accessing the controls via your smartphone. You can even instruct Alexa to do the task in your absence.

Motorized blinds benefits guide

The window dressing industry is taking advantage of the new technology and offering more convenience, like having remote controlled window shades. The shades are like any other standard window shades but operate automatically through remote control.

By pressing the remote control buttons, you can operate the shades without leaving your place, even if you are far away from the window. By taking advantage of IoT, you can even operate the blinds by using your smartphone. Going ahead, you can set a program for operating the blinds by knowing the kind of adjustment that it would require during different times of the day as the sun keeps moving from the east to the west.

Motorized blinds advantages

Here are some more benefits of using motorized blinds beside the convenience of operations.

More energy-efficient window coverings

Automated controls of motorized blinds increase their energy efficiency, which turns homes more comfortable and energy-efficient. You can periodically operate the blinds to make fine adjustments for restricting the entry of light depending on the sun’s movement so that minimal light enters the home and keeps its cool naturally. Covering the windows appropriately will reduce the dependence on the cooling and heating machines, reducing the utility bills and saving money.

Safe for children and pets

Traditional blinds and shades for windows operated by cords that dangle from the sides and form loops are dangerous for children and pets. The risks of strangulation when children playfully reach out for the cords are pretty high. Since motorized blinds and shades are cord-free, it is much safer for all.  The residents are entirely at peace with the shades that they operate remotely.

Ideal for smart homes

It is the age of smart homes, and to convert your home into a smart home, you must install motorized shades and blinds. You can integrate the shades with the home thermostat so that the data stored in the system signals when the shades need to open or close or tilt slightly according to the indoor temperature. With optimal opening and closing of the blinds or shades at the right time, the load on the home utilities and artificial lights reduce considerably and saves energy.

More security

Being able to operate the shades when you are away from home can deceive burglars. The automatic opening and closing of the shades even when nobody is at home will not allow others to know about your absence.

You can enjoy the vacation with your family much more.

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