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How to Make Your Jobsite a Cleaner Safer Environment

7 Dec 2023

Make your jobsite a cleaner safer environment

Construction projects are a source of optimism for many, full of excitement of visions being brought to life. Unfortunately, this comes at a price to many workers, with some 150,000 job site injuries occurring on average each year. Not only is this bad press for an industry currently facing an acute shortage of workers, but it raises the cost of construction through litigation and tougher regulations. To proactively stem the tide, keep reading to discover tips for ensuring a cleaner and safer job site environment.

Enforce PPE Standards

Make your jobsite a cleaner safer environment

Although wearing the right safety equipment may seem obvious or cliche, the sad reality is that most job sites fail to properly enforce adequate PPE standards, resulting in an unacceptable amount of workplace injuries and accidental deaths. As a result, OSHA is aiming to double its inspection staff by 2024 to help enforce greater safety equipment standards.

If protecting your workers weren’t incentive enough, the greater likelihood of a fine looms once the new standards are enforced. While it can be tempting to cut corners to make sure deadlines are met, you have to adopt a “no gear, no work, no pay” policy for crews moving forward.

Check the Condition of Ingress and Egress Points

Many times, the roads, walkways, and paths leading into and out of a job site are temporary or makeshift. This can create a scenario ripe for an accident to occur.

Therefore, it is essential to regularly check all points of ingress and egress to ensure that there is nothing of concern. Regularly sweep roadways and keep them clear of nails, wire, and other sharp objects to avoid blowing tires. If there are degraded sidewalks, fill cracks in concrete to ensure that the issue does not spread. If walkways have yet to be properly paved, make sure there are no ruts or eroding edges that could create a hazard.

Leverage Material Delivery

Make your jobsite a cleaner safer environment

One of the most insidious threats to a maintained and safe workplace is the buildup of unused material. Not only can piles of lumber, tile, or any other kind of building product pose a risk for toppling and causing an acute injury, but they typically block doors, walkways, and other points of escape. They can also expedite mold buildup and pest infestation if left unattended long enough–not to mention their role as a fire hazard.

“Timely material deliveries are the backbone of our projects, ensuring not only efficiency but safety at our job sites. Reliable material deliveries contribute to the seamless execution of our projects, allowing us to prioritize safety, performance standards, and complete each job with confidence.” – Jeff Gutherie, Mesa AZ Roofing Pros.

By keeping only necessary material on-hand, you are taking a proactive approach to avoiding the unforeseen threats posed by excess material accumulation.

Ensure Proper Dumpster Usage and Rental

When striving to create a safe jobsite environment, paying attention to proper dumpster usage and rental practices is a fundamental aspect often underestimated. Begin by carefully selecting the appropriate dumpster size for your project, avoiding the pitfalls of overfilled containers or unnecessarily obstructive units. Thoughtful placement is equally crucial, especially with residential dumpsters. Do not impede the natural flow of construction activities or compromise pedestrian and vehicular pathways. The implementation of clear and visible signage around the dumpster area is essential, providing guidance to workers and visitors alike and reducing the risk of accidents.

Collaborating with a reputable dumpster rental service can further enhance safety measures, as their expertise can assist in determining the ideal dumpster size and placement, contributing to an overall secure and efficient jobsite.

Put a Wrap on Each Day

Make your jobsite a cleaner safer environment

It is easy to leave the construction site as-is and pick up where you left off the next day. However, this is extremely poor practice for guaranteeing a clean and safe work environment. Make sure your workers are trained in performing an end-of-day checklist. Some items to include are:

  • Throw any trash or scrap materials in the dumpster or recycling
  • Unplug all power tools and stow them in a locker or other secure area
  • Ensure that there is no unfinished work that may become compromised in the event of severe weather

By taking these simple measures at the end of each day, a project stays ahead of any potential issues.

Tips for a Cleaner and Safer Job Site

Dirty and unsafe job sites lead to increased project costs for numerous reasons. Therefore, to keep costs under control, proactively ensure worker safety, and avoid any sanctions, consider the tips listed above to keep your job site environment as clean and hazard free as possible!

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