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Make Your Home Feel Cozier This Winter: Improvements

17 Oct 2022

Make your Home feel Cozier this Winter

Autumn is officially here, which means the days get shorter, the nights cooler, and the air filled with decaying leaves. No matter where you live, summer heat and sunshine will begin to take their yearly vacation and possibly take your bright mood with it.

To fight off the doldrums associated with the fall and winter months, you can take advantage of a few interior design options to make a home happy and cozy. From bringing in nostalgic seasonal scents to chenille blankets and toe-warming rugs, transforming your home into a winter paradise is a cinch with the recommendations we have below.

1. It’s All About Atmosphere

When you think about your home, where would you want it to be the most inviting and cozy? For many families, it’s their living room. This means you want your couch to be warm and full of comfort items for cold days in enjoying movies or board games together.

Refresh your room with plush, decorative pillows made of extra soft and insulating materials. And don’t forget to stock up on spare throws so everyone has something warm to snuggle with.

2. Get a Fireplace

While a fireplace certainly serves the great purpose of adding heat to your home during a cold winter, it’s also a focal point of your home. So everyone can gather around to wind down after dinner and enjoy beverages, snacks, and cozy blankets while enjoying the familiar pops and snaps of embers in the hearth.

Working with a hearth & fireplace installer in Flintstone, MD, you can incorporate a gorgeous mantle that adds to the overall aesthetic of your home. Natural and polished stone options are popular and timeless, but you can also go for a tiled look that adds elegance. The options are endless, but the lifetime of enjoyment you’ll get from this investment is worthwhile.

3. Stock Up on Blankets

Every room in your house where you or loved ones tend to hang out, whether working on homework or watching t.v., should have an ample supply of blankets and throws on hand. If you have a deck area and want to star gaze next to your outdoor fire pit, keep a few throws nearby to keep the chill away. There’s nothing quite like a warm blanket on an autumn night while creating amazing memories and reflecting on the wonderful memories you’ve made the past year.

4. Cozy Your Home with Warm Color Palettes

Sometimes, it’s nice to change up your home’s aesthetic by bringing a bit of autumn’s warm hues inside. Simple details like warmer-toned pillows in gold and burnt orange can change a room from being simply functional to a cozy hideaway.

Let nature inspire your motivation throughout your home this fall and winter by bringing in more organic elements like handwoven baskets, dried gourds, and burlap bows around your living spaces.

5. Appeal to All Your Senses

Don’t only focus on visual and tactile aesthetics to create a warm winter atmosphere. Our sense of smell can do wonders for our mood because of the memories and other nostalgic associations it can invoke. Bring in scented candles and aromatherapy products to put a lingering scent of classic winter aromas in the air, like cedar, cinnamon, and pine.

Also, add to your new environment by stimulating your mind with familiar sounds of the season, like a fireplace crackling or soft music streaming on your home’s sound system. And what winter home aesthetic be complete without some familiar food? So change up your usual menu and include some traditional meals you associate with this time of year.

6. Brighten Your Mood with Lighting

Another way to make your home more appealing and cozy this winter is to illuminate it. Think about how quickly your home gets dark during the later months of the year, and consider buying a few lamps or string lights to brighten things up.

For late afternoons when the sun sets before seven o’clock, you could set a timer to turn on a few electronic pillar candles on your fireplace mantle or kitchen table. Replace some of your lightbulbs with those providing a softer glow, and maybe install a dimmer switch to adjust brightness as needed throughout your day.

6 Improvements That Make Your Home Feel Cozier This Winter Conclusion

As you can see, there are countless ways to fight off the winter blues and make your home a cozy spot to relax, warm up, and create memories as you spend more time with your loved ones. Many changes can be made with minimal expense, though investments like a fireplace would serve a dual purpose by supplying additional heat to keep the chill away.

Whatever options you decide on to boost ambiance and warmth, most of these changes are convenient and easily stored away for the next season once spring arrives.

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