Lost Ark PvP and PvE: best character classes tips, Online property advice

Lost Ark PvP and PvE: The best Character Classes

24 February 2022

Every fantasy-based MMORPG comes with a variety of unique classes with different advantages and disadvantages. Despite many gamers looking for the best class, the answer is never that easy.

To help you decide which class to choose, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to Lost Ark’s epic characters. At the start of the MMORPG Lost Ark, there are 15 classes to choose from. Here we will provide you with a list of the most vital classes in Lost Ark at the moment.

Lost Ark PvP and PvE: best character classes guide

The Best Classes in PvE

Different levels of difficulty come assigned to the classes:

  • In the S tier, you’ll find the strongest classes.
  • It is still possible to dominate the A tier, but it is not as dominating as before
  • Some classes are more robust in certain circumstances in the B tier
  • However, the C tier currently has the weakest classes

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Classes in the S Tier

Due to the limited number of support classes in the game, there are only two PvE classes in Tier S: the Bard and the Paladin. Therefore, they are beneficial to nearly every group during raids and dungeons.

No class is more defensive than the Pistol Lancer in Lost Ark. She has a shield and a taunt that she can use to stop attacks. Pistol lancers are thus useful as a group weapon.

Additionally, the War Dancer provides useful group buffs, such as increased attack speed and crit chance. Because of this, she can also increase the group’s damage as a DPS. Additional damage, as well as increased enemy damage, is dealt with by the Berserker’s debuff.

Classes in the A Tier

The Artilleryman protects a party’s shield and reduces incoming damage. You do not need a shield if you have support. Despite being a challenging class, the Artistic Archer can easily compete with other classes in the S tier when played well.

However, a dead player is of little use to a group as she falls to the ground very quickly. Shadowhunters can also heal when they transform, which can help them survive alone in the world.

The pure values make the group less valuable than the S tier classes, even though they are good. As an individual, the Scrapper is also strong, but the group doesn’t benefit from it.

There is a lot of burst damage coming from the Sorceress. However, if attacks miss or rotations are not appropriately used, DPS will decline quickly.

Classes in the B Tier

Battle Monks are female counterparts of War Dancers, although they have a slightly weaker buff and play style. War Dancers are better at almost everything than Battle Monks.

The sniper can practically always be on the ranged side of combat and deal good damage. Class members are strong on their own, but the group doesn’t benefit enough from them.

Besides its group buffs, the Deathblade also has some abilities that improve frontal and rear attacks. Random groups are too specific to take advantage of this fully.

Classes in the C Tier

Despite having a powerful burst, Soul Fist requires a long cast time. Consequently, the soul’s fist has little effect if the group’s attacks miss or the enemies have already been defeated.

As a marksman, you have to strike the back of your enemies with your strongest build and almost go into close combat. Thus, other classes in the group are more valuable due to the specialized playstyle.

The Best Classes in PvP

PVP is an entirely different aspect of Lost Ark than dungeons and raids, requiring the same dedication and skill levels to master. Here are the three top classes: The Bard is once again at the top of the pack.

In PVE, it serves the same purpose as PVP – the heals and buffs it provides make it very valuable in any composition. The Bard is an ideal choice for competitive combat if you are interested in supporting DPS players, so if that’s your style of competition, the Bard is your best bet.

Known for its incredibly high mobility and damage output, the Deathblade makes for an impressive PVP class. The Deathblade is ideal for players who love to move fast and slice through enemies’ life bars.

This ranged class is excellent for taking out melee fighters at medium or close range while keeping them out of range. In addition, the Deadeye has reliable crowd control and high burst DPS, making it a formidable opponent in any PVP situation.

During the most difficult levels of Lost Ark, players can choose any class, so the most important thing is to pick one that seems most enjoyable to you.

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