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Living Mediterranean: The Home Design You Need

17 May 2024

Living Mediterranean: the home design you need
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There is more to embracing the Mediterranean lifestyle than just diet and outdoor living (yes, that’s the best part) – it’s also about creating a space that represents the warmth, simplicity, and natural beauty of the Mediterranean. And yes, you can achieve this look in the UK.

Their design is famous for its laid-back feel, bright spaces, and closeness to nature. Whether you are renovating your house or want to include some Mediterranean touches in your decor, here are some ideas.

Create a Natural and Airy Feel by Using Colours and Materials

The colour scheme of a typical Mediterranean dwelling reflects the sea and the sky.

Imagine open rooms filled with light painted in warm earth colours (or whites, complemented by hints of sea blue and lush green – does that not sound like a dream?

The use of materials plays a vital role in attaining this look. For example, floors and walls can be covered with natural stones like limestone or terracotta tiles to achieve texture and antique looks. A rough plaster wall or a slightly textured stucco may be the perfect backdrop that resonates with rustic simplicity while providing room for showcasing hand-painted ceramic ornaments or woven tapestries – typical Mediterranean.

Comfortable Design with Cooling Characteristics

For successful Mediterranean design, it is essential to include cooling elements for aesthetic harmony and practical comfort.

High ceilings with large windows will bring airflow into the room, reducing dependence on artificial cooling systems. During hot summer days, if fitted discreetly into architectural finishes, modern air conditioning units would maintain indoor comfort without diluting traditional aesthetics. Most Mediterranean homes have them – and the UK summer heat can be unbearable. And, yes, there are companies in the UK – Brighton-based air conditioning services is one example.

Highlight Outdoor Living Spaces

Mediterranean life means living inside out. Mimic that indoors by using similar floor materials and colour schemes.

Add pergolas or trellises covered in vines to offer shade but let in the light. Also, designing outdoor kitchens where you can dine al fresco creates social scenes and brings the Mediterranean practice of communal meals alive.

Fountains, small ponds, and other water features can add to the peaceful ambience of your garden, which can be a place to retreat from the stress and pressures of life.

Furnishing With a Mediterranean Touch

Your want furnishing that’s functional and crafted should be selected when furnishing in a Mediterranean style.

Furniture often has a sturdy appearance, with natural materials like wood, wrought iron, or rattan. When it comes to soft furnishings, they should be inviting for relaxation purposes, featuring numerous pillows and throws made of natural fibres like cotton or linen adorned with traditional motifs or marine themes. Decorations like ceramic pots, wrought-iron candle holders, and colourful tiles listed below can draw attention to the Mediterranean vibe.

When you decorate your home in a Mediterranean style, you give it an aesthetic makeover and induce relaxation and comfort as a lifestyle. It is one of the freshest, inviting decor ideas you will read about.

With the emphasis on natural elements, abundant light-filled spaces, and a connection to the outside world in its design principle gives this theme a refreshing getaway that is usable every day.

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