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The Latest Technology in Workspace Automation

27 Mar 2022

Is your workspace properly equipped? If you believe so, the next question would be: do you use a standing desk at your workplace? And what about an ergonomic chair to support your back properly? Or maybe you use automated shelves to ensure top efficiency of your desk top?

Well, let’s move to the point. While many people believe they work in perfect conditions, they still use traditional desks and cannot imagine that something can be changed.

Latest technology in workspace automation

You can start changing the way you work from purchasing a standing desk. This item alone will change the way you feel after long hours of work and thus, will boost your motivation. With it, you will forget about unpleasant sensations that are normally felt after some hours of working. You will stop gaining weight uncontrollably. And moreover, you will be able to complete your tasks faster and therefore, to either do more tasks or have more free time.

You Can Buy or Make Your Sit Stand Desk

Choosing a good adjustable desk might not be an easy task. These items are more expensive than traditional desks. Therefore, even if you find one or two in a local shop, you might not be satisfied with the choice.

Buying online might be the most viable option if you count on a functional and a beautiful item that complies with all the standards. However, you might find that purchasing a desk is not cheap. In such a case, you might want to build your own sit stand desk. Here is a guide on how you can do it.

How to Build Your Own Adjustable Desk: a Detailed Guide

Start with ordering a lifting frame. You can choose one online, on the website of a company that manufactures standing desks. While the ordered frame is on the way to your home, take care of a desk top.

The desk top can be either purchased, or ordered, or you can even use an old desk top if you like it. You can opt for a plastic, a wooden, or an MDF top.

A plastic one is durable but some people do not like it because it doesn’t look as impressive as wood, for example.

A desk top made from wood looks beautiful but be ready that it weighs more than other options. Also, wood requires special care if you want your new device to look nice over time.

Finally, MDF looks cute. It can be fabricated in different colours, and if the material is of high quality, you can be sure that your desk will serve for a long time.

A Desk Alone Is Not a Solution

Buying a desk alone will not help you to improve your health immediately. Moreover, to fix your working place properly, you need to get many more things along with the height-adjustable desk.

One of the important details to take care of is a chair. A good chair is also a height-adjustable one. It is much better if it is equipped with armrests and a support for the head. These components allow you to have a quick rest and recover your energy for the next part of your working day.

Other automated solutions might help you to create your perfect and super efficient working space. So, automated shelves will take care of the desk functionality. Additionally, they will enable you to use the most distant corners of the furniture piece.

Along with furniture, you might want to take care of other details that will boost the comfort of your working place. So, automating the curtains or installing automated window blinds. It seems odd to those who have never used it but once you try, you will see that these details boost the comfort of your office incredibly. Instead of running there and here, you can push a button, and regulate the amount of light entering the window in a way you like.

An automated TV lift will complete the interior. You can use it to have some rest from time to time, and when you decide to continue working, just turn the device off and move it either up the wall or hide it behind a bookcase. And when you have free time, you can even watch a movie with your friends and family.

Latest technology in workspace automation – Bottom Line

You do not need to be a millionaire to make a perfect workspace. Some things can be purchased while others can be built by your own hands. You can buy a couple of linear actuators, and experiment. Or you can check videos available on youtube and try to follow one. Whatever you choose, your working place and thus, your performance depend on you only. Investing in your working place is investment not only in your future financial well-being but your health and emotional stability.

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