Kitchen renovation cost: expert estimates guide

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Kitchen Renovation Cost: Expert Estimates

17 Jan 2020

Kitchen renovation cost: expert estimates guide

Kitchen renovations are one of the most popular home remodeling projects. The kitchen is the heart of a house where preparation of meals takes place and family spends most of their time. The kitchen is always one major consideration for people seeking to buy a home. Kitchen design and overall condition will either make or break the decision to buy or not to buy a home.

Kitchen Refurb Cost Help

At some point, you need to conceptualize a renovation project to update the kitchen, make it fit for use, and improve the value of your home. The reason behind carrying out a kitchen renovation can be making the house ready for the market or making changes that fit your lifestyle or that of your family.

Kitchen renovation can take different scopes depending on individual taste and will determine the average cost to remodel a kitchen. The scope of a kitchen will be determined by your budget and can range from simple changes or addition of fittings to a complete makeover. Some simple tasks include fixing a leaking tap, changing cabinet handles, fixing broken tiles, installation of new lights or a new coat of paint. The renovation project must not be massive to achieve the desired impact. In fact, average cost of small kitchen remodel is lower since smaller renovation projects have more focus on functional elements and result in a greater return on investment.

The complete kitchen makeover has emphasis on style and aesthetics, will demand the services of experts such as builders, architects, plumbers, and electricians, and will therefore result in greater than average cost to remodel a kitchen.

Estimating Kitchen Renovation Costs

Here is a shocker for many homeowners, the price quote provided by the contractor or builder may only represent a third or a quarter of the average cost to remodel a kitchen. Majority of contractors will separate costs including just demolition and removal costs, cost of new floors and windows, and labor costs in their bids.

The costs of appliances, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, countertops, paint, and light fixtures are deliberately left out. The cost of these items will vary widely depending on the choice of a homeowner which the contractor may leave you to select and order so that they later install them.

How Much Does It Cost To Renovate a Kitchen?

Caesarstone outlines determinants of kitchen remodeling costs such as the size of kitchen, design, chosen materials, and condition of kitchen among other factors.

  • The choice of material used for kitchen renovation will have the biggest impact on the total cost of the project. For example, vinyl flooring is cheaper compared to wood or ceramic flooring.
  • The type of kitchen appliances chosen for installation will heavily impact your budget. Choosing top of the range brands for kitchen appliances will mean that your budget rises considerably. It is advisable to choose favorably priced appliances that will do the job and that have manufacturer warranties for parts.
  • Size of the kitchen determines the size of the job and ultimately the cost of the project. The average cost of a small kitchen remodel is lower compared to remodeling a larger kitchen.
  • Location of your home may be a factor to consider when estimating kitchen renovation costs. Transport costs will considerably raise your budget even when you have to get materials or appliances from faraway places.
  • Kitchen design is yet another major factor when budgeting for kitchen renovation. The number of professionals required will be determined by the complexity of kitchen design.

The rule of thumb is that kitchen remodeling cost should not outweigh the extra value gotten from the home as a result of the project. Generally, the following budget breakdown presents what different items of a kitchen renovation project will take up.

Item % of

Total Budget

Cabinets 30
Appliances 14
Countertops 10
Lighting 5
Plumbing Fixtures 4
Paint 2-3
Tiles 1-2
Installation costs 20
Contingencies 10

Table: Breakdown of a kitchen renovation project

The above estimates can be used as a place to start when you are coming up with initial budget figures for your kitchen renovation project. When working with a contractor, get an explanation for every item in their quote to be in the clear before work commences. The figures from the contractor may only take care of labor costs and not the materials involved. For example, an item named ‘tile backsplash’ will only represent labor cost and not cost of tiles.

Tips for Cost-Effective Kitchen Renovation

  1. Always do your homework so that you are able to make better decisions across board from appliances to purchase and professionals to work with dependent on their rates. It is advisable to get three quotes before settling for an expert.
  2. Check for reviews and even contact former clients of a chosen professional to determine how reliable they are and their quality of work. You will want to avoid stress, frustrations and cost overruns.
  3. Some homeowners who have basic skills may choose to go the DIY route to cut their labor costs. You can also choose to do tasks such as demolition and removal of debris to lower costs. Another option to cut kitchen remodeling cost is to collect appliances and materials where possible rather than paying for delivery.
  4. Choose low cost alternatives available in the market that serve the same purpose. You may choose not to install granite countertops but go for cost effective options such as laminates, concrete and tiles. Choose the ready to assemble kitchen cabinets rather than opting for custom-made cabinets.
  5. Opt for retaining the kitchen cabinets rather than replacing them entirely. Have them repaired and refinished to give them a new and fresh look and replace handles and latches for trendy new options.
  6. The number of professionals involved in the project will increase the costs involved. Limiting the amount of changes to your kitchen will reduce the number of professionals required for project completion and hence reduce costs. You should avoid structural changes to the kitchen if you have a small budget.
  7. Choose sturdy and durable materials that can withstand regular use and that will not require frequent replacement.

In conclusion, create a budget depending on what you want and can afford and strictly adhere to it throughout the kitchen renovation project to prevent cost overruns.

Kitchen Renovation Cost: Expert Estimates

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