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Key Elements in Interior Design

September 23, 2021

Besides being a form of art, interior design is also based on science. Our minds and bodies respond to our environment, physical as well as mental.

Therefore, it is important to exactly mould those sentiments or experiences in a way that encourages people to spend time in a room.

In order to fulfil this, interior designers employ artistic techniques that “fool” our thoughts or, at the very least, modify our perceptions of interior environments. People underestimate how much of a mental game it is.

Key Elements Of Interior Design

Key Elements in Interior Design Guide

Like casinos, why do they all have bright lights, chiming sounds, illuminating colours, patterned 3D carpet, roulette wheels and slot machines which never seem to be out of yet another casino bonus? The latter on the condition that you wager it correctly. These iconic locations are not designed in an accidental manner. It all comes down to four basic principles being;

– Space

– Light

– Color

– Form or shape


You’ve probably heard of an “open concept” floor plan if you’ve seen any home renovation show in the last decade. This house style is focused on space, particularly the balance of negative and positive space.

Negative space is the empty area that gives a room a high and “open” air.

Positive space is defined as a place that is filled with décors, such as a living room sofa, dining table, and kitchen island.

The trick is to strike a delicate balance between these two types of space: not too packed, yet not too empty.


If the term mood lightening rings a bell, then you’re already familiar with this interior design feature. Different types of light connote different moods, so light can set the mood of any room. Artificial fluorescent lighting makes a room feel cold and still, whereas natural light can represent warmth and happiness.

It’s crucial to comprehend the different types of lighting and how they can affect a space’s overall mood.


Colors in interior decoration, like traffic lights in driving, entail certain messages and moods because our frontal lobes have been linked to interpreting them in a certain way. The interior designer’s job is to modify them to create the desired atmosphere in your home.

We won’t go over the color wheel in detail here, though it’s important to note that different colors evoke different emotions. Green, for example, is associated with tranquillity and peace, whereas red is intense and associated with hunger, and purple is associated with royalty. As a result, it’s critical to consider the color scheme you want to use in each room of your house.

Form or shape

A form is a collection of lines that produces a shape. Shapes are created by lines, whether they are horizontal, vertical, or dynamic.

Shapes are open, closed, curved or angular.

Basically, you need an idea of a theme that you prefer. This can be; warm, cold, clinical, natural, industrial…

The next step is to combine forms and shapes until you find the perfect feeling of the theme.

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