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International Luxury Brand Retail Store Design Tips

post updated 14 February 2024

International Luxury Brand Retail Store Design

Tips for Designing an International Luxury Brand’s Retail Store

The world may have shifted to online shopping, but a select few individuals still prefer to shop for their finest possessions at retail stores.

After all, shopping for luxuries is a multi-sensory experience.

Equipping a luxury retail store with the right accents to enhance the shopping experience is the job of the architect or interior designer.

Let’s explore the features that add brilliance to the design of an international luxury brand’s retail store.

10 October 2022

International Luxury Brand Retail Store Design – Shopping Buildings

A Grand Facade

The store’s facade bears the burden of first impressions. In a mall or on a street, a luxury store is identified by how glamorous the elevation is.

When designing a luxury retail store, you’ve got to plan a facade that exudes grandeur.

The luxury store by Curiosity designed for Graff Jewels in Tokyo is a fine example. The all-glass facade with silvery mesh makes for a stately presence, giving the passerby a teaser of what lies behind.

Besides glass, Italian marble or other natural stone, and metal frames are also appropriate material choices for the facade.

Stylized Show Windows

Every brick-and-mortar retail store communicates with its target audience through the display window.

An architect’s goal should be to design a display window that will accommodate changes in the display.

The products on display will determine the size of the show window. If the design is for fashion mannequins plan enough space for creative representations. For furniture stores, the display has to be a single huge window. Jewelry stores would benefit from several smaller show windows.

Remember to discuss your client’s preferences with their creative team.

Once you have the basic layout planned, think of how to accentuate the visual elements for the show window. Maybe add a gold-finished frame or a laser-cut metal backdrop to the display panel.

Feel free to experiment with optical illusions and perspective, especially if your client is a big fashion brand.

Merchandise Display

The merchandise display is another element of retail store design that needs the architect’s special attention.

The display shelves should be uncluttered and minimalist so that the customers can focus on the products. However, subtle elements like reflecting glasses and gold accents can be embedded in the overall design.

Understand the product categories your client’s brand caters to and then determine the layout and dimensions for the display.

Ambient Lights

The right lighting is crucial for giving a magnificent appeal to a luxury brand’s retail store.

When focus lights are placed at the key places, the customers feel welcome to try out the products. Accent lights, on the other hand, lend a calm pleasing overall vibe to the place.

A chandelier hung up high from the ceiling at a central point in the store will give the place a palatial look.

The use of warm lights creates a spiritual and relaxing ambiance ideal for grand retail stores.

Layout That Facilitates Privacy

Customers of high-end brands expect a personalized shopping experience at the retail store. That’s why the space should make them feel comfortable in solitude while browsing the display aisles.

Incorporating alcoves or chambers in the layout is the best way to achieve the ideal setting.

State-of-the-art Seating

Luxury retail stores are not for impulsive shoppers.

Of course, there has to be dedicated seating at every display zone, so that the customers can sit comfortably and evaluate their buying decisions.

Compliment the sophisticated interiors with finely upholstered couches and chairs. Rich natural fabrics like silk or velvet would be perfect for the upholstery.

Befitting Fitting Rooms

The fitting rooms should be just as posh as the rest of the place.

A dressing room in every alcove would be ideal so that the customer doesn’t have to walk a lot for the trial.

The rooms should be spacious and tastefully decorated.

Special Experiences

Many luxury retail brands offer their customers parallel experiences at their stores, just to make shopping even more enjoyable.

For instance, many flagship retail stores of luxury brands now house an in-house coffee bar or a patisserie. Others provide a children’s play area or a pet-friendly environment.

Discuss whether your client would also be inclined to house such unique experiences at the store. Make provisions in your design layout accordingly.

The Bottom Line

When architects and interior designers take up the project of designing a grand retail store, they bear the responsibility of turning the client’s creative vision into reality.

The expectations are heavy.

It’s not an easy job.

But the joy of accomplishing this feat is unparalleled.

With these handy tips and your creativity, we’re sure you’ll do a terrific job designing a luxury retail store for your client.

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