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How Wall Art Can Boost Your Home Value

24 Nov 2021

How Wall Art Can Boost Your Home Value

Homes get sold for several reasons: prime location, cost-effectiveness, or the real estate market’s heating up. But now and then, you may come across reasons that don’t seem to make sense, such as their walls being one giant art gallery. Having something to hang on the wall is perhaps better than having a lifeless void stare at you for life. You can buy some ready to hang canvas wall art in order to change the overall look of your room.

How much art adds to a home’s selling price is unknown, if not indeterminable. Ask any real estate expert, and they’ll say it doesn’t work that way. Whether modern or dating back to the Renaissance, art has other ways of boosting home value. You can’t peg a number on how much they do, but you can feel it as soon as they’re up on the wall.

How wall art can boost your home value

Promoting well-being

Multiple studies have suggested a link between looking at art and having a clean bill of health. A two-year (2006 to 2008) survey in Norway involving over 50,000 respondents found that those who attended cultural activities had high satisfaction with life and low anxiety and depression. Such activities include visiting art museums and exhibitions. (1)

For the record, this finding doesn’t imply that art cures mental health problems—far from it. But be honest: there’s something in museum-worthy wall art that gets a flurry of emotions stirring inside. Imagine looking at a masterpiece from a previously-unknown artist or a cover page from a sports magazine featuring your idol athlete. Who wouldn’t feel inspired after that?

Then again, why stop at framed artworks? If you’re serious about adding value to your home, you can make the art the wall itself. Kitchen splashbacks featuring paintings instead of single colors are more common in interior design than you may think. This way, you can benefit from constantly viewing the splashback, whether while cooking or getting a drink. (2)

Inspiring creativity

Even the most renowned paintings take a page or two from other works that are just as popular. Paul Gaugin’s Spirit of the Dead Watching got its inspiration from Edouard Manet’s Olympia, which is a painting that got its inspiration from Titian’s Venus of Urbino. Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper inspired Andy Warhol to create 60 variations and put them all into one canvas. (3)

Looking at other artworks for inspiration is no mere coincidence; it’s hardwired into the human brain. A study in 2020 points to dual focus—a concept that uses social comparison (comparing oneself to others)—as the underlying mechanism. Simply put, a person viewing a painting may reflect on trying their hand on making one and receiving as much praise. (4)

How does this add to a home’s value? Having framed prints around the house ensures having plenty of sources of inspiration for up-and-coming artists. You don’t even need to consider a career in the arts to benefit from it. As mentioned earlier, viewing art can inspire people for whatever they want to do in life.

Cementing a strong relationship

According to a survey of around 800 people, nearly three-quarters said they ideally want to buy a home while still in a relationship. They’re divided between buying while committed to a non-legally-binding relationship (36%) and waiting to get married before doing so (35%). Only a fifth said they want to buy while they’re still single. (5)

For the married and weds-to-be, they may find much value in a house filled with art. Like the previous examples, this one has science to back it up. Research in 2011 found that subjects that looked at paintings had more dopamine in the blood than usual. As you know, dopamine is one of the ‘feel-good’ hormones, initiating the same feeling when you’re in love.

Uplifting spirits

Whether or not they apply, all these effects of viewing art culminate in helping keep spirits high. Nowhere has this become more important than following the pandemic, where COVID affected everyone’s mental health as much as their physical. Being forced to stay home for long periods is no way to live life to the fullest.

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Having plenty of art to look around makes for a comfortable home, even during the worst days of one’s life. The mere existence of color psychology affirms that various hues can benefit the mind in different ways—and artworks are about being vibrant. For the best effect, experts recommend picking art that uses yellow, blue, orange, and black.

How wall art can add home value guide

How Wall Art Can Boost Your Home Value Conclusion

Price doesn’t always translate to value, as there are other aspects that numbers can’t gauge. A home that provides peace of mind with each passing day is valuable in its own right. As this piece has explained in-depth, hanging artworks are an excellent way to do this.


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