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How to Spruce Up Your PowerPoint Designs

7 Dec 2021

No matter if you’re giving updates at a board meeting, sharing a new marketing proposal, pitching to clients, or presenting the keynote address at a conference, your presentation design matters. As the presenter, you will need to deliver the message. However, the design of your PowerPoint will be the vehicle for your message. Knowing how to design effective and visually appealing presentations is an invaluable skill in the workplace today – PowerPoint Designs can help you.

When creating presentations, you need to keep in mind the balance between looks and usability. While your PowerPoint can look nice, if it doesn’t communicate the message very well, your presentation will fall flat. There are several key things to keep in mind when employing principles for creating powerful slides, from readability to presenting information effectively. If you want your presentation to stand out and leave an impression on your audience, you can’t overlook the importance of the design. Let’s take a look at some ways to spruce up your PowerPoint designs.

Present information effectively

How to spruce up your powerpoint designs

Any professional PowerPoint design strives to present information effectively. The entire purpose of your PowerPoint presentation is to make a point or persuade your audience to see something your way. Information on a slide can be broken apart into three main points to create a well-organized visual. Instead of using too much typography, consider bullet points or icons that highlight three simple ideas. These ideas should be the main talking points for the slide.

Another key step to creating a PowerPoint design that presents information effectively is to include graphics and visuals. Professional designers and presentation experts know that visuals aid with learning and understanding. Presentations don’t have to be filled with complicated charts and difficult-to-digest infographics.

However, visuals can make complex information and data less overwhelming and easier to understand when used correctly. Beyond infographics, charts, and graphs, there are options for incorporating embedded videos, gifs, and pictures into slides. You want your PowerPoint to weave together text, visuals, and infographics to tell a compelling story.

Focus on readability

How to spruce up your powerpoint designs guide

Have ever sat through a PowerPoint with slides that were filled with so much content and background noise that you became overwhelmed? If so, then you understand the need for readability. A well-designed PowerPoint may look nice, but if the audience can’t easily read the slides and digest information, it is useless. A professional slide layout uses the whitespace around the text to keep it from feeling cramped. When text is spaced out with a maximum of 12 words per line, the audience will find the information more appealing and easier to read.

Additionally, your copy should be readable from afar and from different angles. Depending on the room, people will need to read and see your slides from various views. You should make sure that there is enough contrast for your audience to see and read important details without having to squint or move around.

Create visual consistency

Powerpoint presentation advice

Each slide doesn’t exist in a vacuum. When designing your presentation, consider the color scheme, theme, font, and visuals shared across the entire slide deck. All of your slides should be a cohesive unit that maintains a consistent style throughout. If your presentation looks like a fireworks show, your message will get lost in the lack of comprehensive design. With every slide click, your audience will get seasick watching an array of colors, fonts, and backgrounds change.

When designing your presentations, always consider your audience and the context. Everything from font choice to visual aid selection needs to make a statement with your target audience. Ensuring that your slides are readable and easily digestible will go a long way towards selling your points and sprucing up your presentations.

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