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How to shop for dining chairs

11 Sep 2021

Whether you have a classic or modern dining room, there is no better place to enjoy mealtimes and entertain guests than at the dinner table. The dining chair is an essential piece of furniture that adds a touch of style to your dining table. If you like eating in the kitchen rather than being formally seated at the table, invest in some swivel stools instead.

How to shop for dining chairs help guide

How to shop for dining chairs help advice

A quick look around Pinterest will show off thousands of different styles and designs for the humble dining chair. Luckily enough, though, they can actually be broken down into 5 basic categories: Traditional – Antique – Vintage – Modern – Garden. You can find all these categories at Paleck chairs

This article will always evolve as we find new chairs and further divide them into category types for easier sifting through. So keep checking back regularly to find new chairs and their matching categories.

Modern dining chairs

The modern dining chair is a staple of the modern home. They are sleek, sophisticated, and without frills or fuss – offering a clean cut look for your living spaces. Although they may come in all shapes and sizes, modern chairs generally have straight backs with few curves, tapered legs, and no ornamentation. This lack of upholstery makes them easier to wipe down too! The backrest often has a slight curve from top to bottom while the seat is usually flat – making it perfect for sitting at a bar or breakfast counter.


The garden dining chair is a little different from other types. It has an open back that allows you to sit closer to the table, making them ideal for alfresco entertaining or sitting around an outdoor setting without worrying about grass stains! They tend to have slatted backs with simple legs and armrests featuring only side supports. These chairs are also made to stack easily so they can be stored away during the winter months. There are hundreds of options for chairs, so here are just some of the more popular styles that you will find.

Traditional Dining Chair

The traditional dining chair is an updated version of its antique counterpart – still featuring turned legs but also available with arms (swivel or stationary) for added comfort. You can find fabric padded seats on both styles, while turned backs are another distinguishing feature of the traditional dining chair. The ornate carvings and classic finishes are perfect for completing your formal dining room.

This style features a solid seat and backrest with ladder-style supports running down the back, which terminate at four small feet on the floor. A simple curved line in the top rail is usually fitted to give it a more elegant look that transitions smoothly from top to bottom without any wooden joins showing along the way. If you’re trying to achieve a country

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