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How to Renovate Your Home

16 Oct 2023

How to Renovate Your Home

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5 Tips for Renovating Your Home

Do you want to live in the home of your dreams? The great news is you may not have to move. For many of us, our dream home can be achieved through a renovation.

Of course, while renovating your home can be an exciting journey, it can also seem like a daunting task.

Whether you’re looking to increase your property’s value, closer align it to your own aesthetic, or just maximise your living space to create more room for a growing family, your renovation will require careful planning.

So, if you’re preparing to embark on a renovation project of your own, then here are just five fantastic tips to help you see success.

1)    Set Your Budget

Before you start making any changes to your property, it’s crucial to establish a realistic budget as without one it can be easy for you to overspend.

Start by listing all of your necessary expenses before you move onto the desirables, and it’s a good idea to overestimate the cost of labour and materials to give yourself a buffer.

Of course, with competitions such as Raffle House, you have the chance to win a cash prize that you can put towards your dream home, including renovation costs. However, whether you win money for your renovation money or save for it, having a clear budget will help you make informed decisions.

2)    Create a Clear Plan

In order to succeed in your renovation, you’ll need to ensure that you undertake proper planning, this includes outlining your project’s scope and timeline, as well as the more creative aspects like your designs.

If your renovation project is on the larger side, then it’s a good idea to consider hiring an architect to not only ensure that your designs look great, but that it’s structurally sound too.

It’s also vital to check whether you need planning permission, because you could end up needing to tear down all your hard work if you don’t obtain it.

3)    Use Quality Materials

While it might be tempting to cut costs by sourcing cheap materials, this can end up costing you more in the long run if you end up having to replace items that degrade too quickly.

Although high-quality materials may come with greater upfront costs, they’ll often work out more cost effective over time.

Invest in materials that will be able to endure everyday wear and tear, especially in the most commonly used areas of your home. Considering glazing refurbishment for windows and doors is a smart investment, as it not only enhances durability but also improves the aesthetic and energy efficiency of your home,

4)    Hire Skilled Professionals

Even if you plan to undertake much of your renovation project by yourself, there will be tricky tasks that you don’t have the professional knowhow to complete safely.

Aspects of your renovation such as gas and electric installation should only be completed by the experts. With services such as Checkatrade, you’ll be able to find skilled and trusted professionals in your local area.

5)    Maximise Functionality

With any renovation to your home, you want it to look good, but it’s important to remember that you’re also going to have to live there.

By maximising functionality, you’ll be able to ensure that you have a serviceable home that will suit you for years to come.

With experts such as Sharps, you can have fitted storage solutions that will maximise your floor space while allowing you to keep your home clutter free.

Share your renovation tips in the comments below!

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