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How to Know Architecture is the Right Field for You

June 29, 2021

Architecture is a much more complex field than it looks. To a non-technical person, it’s just drawing houses and making sure the house is built that way. However, there is a lot more it than just that. You have to study very hard and then get professional experience before you call yourself an architect.

One can’t say that just because he did well in school, he will become a good architect. This field requires you to be good smart and creative. The combo of both is not an easy thing to develop. If you are wondering if you should become an architect, this article will help you make a decision.

How to know architecture is right field for you

You are Interested in Structures

Do you see things beyond what a normal eye sees? I’m not talking about their souls but shapes. If you notice the lining around each shape, you probably have an eye for structures. You need to see if this field interests you, and an eye for structure is a sign that you are.

If you want to think about how each shape is made, you could be a future architect. It’s not just the buildings, but vehicles and even humans. The shape includes the lining and angles and you think about how you could draw it.

You Like to Solve Problems

Problem-solving is an important skill. Almost every field requires you to be a problem solver, but architecture kind of depends on it. You are introduced to new problems every day and you have to find a solution for them.

The solution is usually not very simple that you would find in a textbook. You have to think about it for hours to reach a conclusion. Some people just get tense seeing a problem ahead of them. You should look forward to it and take it as a challenge. If you are scared every time there is a problem, you might want to consider another field.

If you don’t get the right solution, there could be some serious problems after the development. This particularly important if you want to start a firm of your own. You should also get business knowledge and enjoy challenges. Make sure you hire a business mentor to help you prepare and succeed in the next step.

You are Creative

You need to have a heart of an artist to be a good architect. This job requires you to make drawings, but those very well thought and complex structures. You have to think out of the box to create the right maps and designs.

You can’t keep repeating the same design over and over again with a few changes. People want unique things, especially when they are investing a lot of money, and you have to bring out that uniqueness in your work.

You are Good at Math

Those drawing you see that architects make, those are doodles. They are actually designed after careful calculation. You have to be very good at math to be able to do this. You are required to understand every little detail of structures. One little mistake could sabotage the entire structure. You have to double-check all the figures to ensure you did everything right.

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