How to embrace period aspects of your property

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How To Embrace The Period Aspects of Your Property

17 May 2021

If you are lucky enough to live in a period home, you will notice how the building itself is oozing with charm and authenticity. It is a pleasure to live amongst such gorgeous architecture and architectural features. But sometimes, it is hard to make the most of the period aspects in your property and hard to find harmony between your furniture and space.

The features of a period home can be overwhelming to work with, but it is important to note that it is possible to marry old with new. You can embrace the period aspects of your home with a modern touch and twist. However, newness can age poorly, so it is essential to create harmony between old and new. But how, you might be wondering? How can you make the most of your period home?

How to embrace period aspects of your property

Highlight the Antique Features

Often period homes have antique features that are uncommon in the modern-day townhouse. With the right interior decor, you can make these features look timeless and charming. For example, if you are lucky enough to live in a home with high ceilings and gorgeous architectural paneling, and ornate cornices, it is nice to accentuate these features with bold furniture and the right paint. The contrast will draw anyone’s eyes to the woodwork, and your bold modern furniture will hold a contemporary feel, thus marrying the two.

Remodeling or Stripping Back

If you live in a period home, which has been passed from owner to owner, you will often find that some of the unique features have been covered up or removed entirely. To make the most of your period home, it is worth working closely with a joiner to unearth the hidden gems and features.

Joiners will do an excellent job of matching the tone and style of the home and making new pieces and features that look almost new. Parsons joinery offers a bespoke service; explore parsonsjoinery.com to see what they can do with your period timber.


The lighting you use in a period property is crucial. You do not want to diminish your home’s character with overly bright and garish modern lights. You want to bring in the gorgeous lamp light and the correct mood lighting to help highlight the feel and tone of a room. Furthermore, you can use antique mirrors that will help bring a room to life.

If your home is filled with low ceilings and little nooks, it is nice to find lighting that helps warm up these small corners.  If, on the other hand, your home is filled with high ceilings, embrace them with pendant lighting. Draw attention to the height of the room with a gorgeous hanging light feature.

Living in a period home is a luxury; however, it takes work to marry the old and new together. Highlighting the gorgeous fixtures of your period home can take a lot of work. However, with the proper styling and joinery, you can make it work for you.

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