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How to Decorate Your Conservatory?

21 Dec 2021

How to Decorate Your Conservatory

The use of a conservatory as an additional green space that connects the inside of the house with the outside area has evolved with time, and so has its design and style.

From Victorian architecture to modern and contemporary, these conservatory rooms are designed to relax and chill.

Apart from boosting the aesthetic value of a residential or commercial property with a green space full of plants and a transparent ceiling, the naturally lit area can be used for a variety of purposes such as a social gathering, meeting room, gym, children’s play area, or dining area and much more

The conservatories can be decorated in several ways to make them look stylish, comfortable, cozy, and warm, with tips to use during all weather conditions.

  1. Conservatory GlassA glass supplier can help decide which glass you want to use as per your need for different places in the conservatory paired with glazing to manage the sun’s glare and also create a beautiful ambiance inside the conservatory with natural light and a clean look.

ENERGY-EFFICIENT- It will help in retaining the heat and maintaining the temperature.

Laminated Glass- This glass doesn’t break but cracks when hit hard with cushioning properties to control noise and temperature.

Self-Cleaning Glass – Its special coating doesn’t allow dirt and soot to settle on its surface.

Toughened Glass- It is heat resistant and difficult to penetrate when double-glazed.

  1. Use Curtains and Blinds- The use of curtains will add to the style and appeal and help control the temperature of the room by retaining heat.

It is advisable to use neutral colors for durability and less maintenance.

  1. Light them up – Avoid installing excessive bright lights and instead go for warm and soft lighting options like floor or table lamps, hanging lights, etc., to add to the warmth and create a cozy atmosphere.
  1. Rugs on the floor – Due to the tiles, marble, and wooden flooring, the walking surface tends to get cold, and uneasy to walk barefoot.

A warm rug or a carpet underfoot will add to the charm and comfort. In addition, the use of different colors will make your conservatory look more vibrant.

  1. Upholstery– The choice of texture for cushion, pillows, and sofa covers to colors of the blankets and draught near doors that you choose gives you immense scope to experiment with the look and feel of the conservatory.
  1. Showpieces, Paintings, Accessories – Bring in the artist in you to showcase your personal style statement while setting up the space.

The use of colorful wall paintings, arty side corners paired with gleaming room accessories, scented candles, wall hangings will make the interiors of your conservatory appealing and inviting.

  1. Plants and flowers– It is your own green space, so why to shy away from making it greener with fragrant flowers like lilies, roses, sunflowers, and other seasonal flowers paired with all-weather plants in the corners, center space to give it its own natural look.

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