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The Benefits of Conservatory Roof Replacement

12 Jan 2022

Conservatories are a terrific addition to any home, increasing the value, the amount of space available, and the flexibility of the room. They are not, however, without their own set of issues. Among conservatory owners’ most prevalent gripes are the difficulty in maintaining consistent temperatures in their structures. They are frequently warm in the summer and cold in the winter, which can boost your energy expenditures during the colder months while feeling like a sauna on hot summer days.

The Benefits of Conservatory Roof Replacement

Fortunately, assistance is available. This content will discuss the several benefits of having a tiled conservatory roof placed on a home or business. Your complicated conservatory roof systems can easily be transformed into a comfortable feature of your house throughout the year by using this simple solution. How will this help you? What are the benefits of conservatory roof replacement?

Increased insulation protection

The roof of the conservatory is made of solid tile. Compared to most glass and polycarbonate roofs, a new tiled conservatory roof from the Evaroof team significantly improves insulation. It creates a more comfortable environment for you and your loved ones. Heat rises by its innate nature, and it is advantageous to keep it from escaping. Our multi-layered tiled solutions capture any heat y generated in the room, allowing you to use the space all year round rather than only during the spring and summer months.

Impressive appearance

In contrast to entirely plastic conservatory roofs, homeowners who opt for a new tiled conservatory roof from our experts will have a broader range of aesthetic options because of the many colors that are available. Using sophisticated but modest methods, everything from traditional tones such as Charcoal, Embet and Walnut to more differentiating colors such as Pewter Grey may be installed to create a look that is always in line with any existing character.

Requires minimal maintains

Designed to complement the hectic lifestyles of most modern homeowners, every tiled conservatory roof we install will never require extensive maintenance due to the use of low-maintenance tiles that are integrated into the top’s structure. You can expect your roof to remain in good condition for many years to come, withstanding even the most intense rainfall for an anticipated lifespan of 40 years.

Reduced energy bills

A new tiled conservatory roof will allow you to lower your energy expenses because your conservatory will instantly be more energy effective when compared to the one you had before it. A better-insulated space that retains heat is a considerably warmer space, which means homeowners will be able to reduce their reliance on artificial heating techniques significantly. Almost immediately after making your initial deposit, you will begin to save money.


Though you might imagine replacing a conservatory’s roof will be ineffective in revitalizing a dilapidated structure. Even more significantly, its impacts and benefits can be seen almost immediately after installation, as it is a quick upgrade rather than the construction of an entirely new building from the ground up. Simply, it is less expensive to upgrade than it is to demolish.

Turnaround times for swift transactions

Our experts will not keep you waiting while installing your new tiled conservatory roof. The process of uncovering what is already there is far quicker and less complicated than the process of building a traditional uPVC or aluminum extended area from scratch.

All of our tiled roofs can be installed in a matter of days rather than weeks, allowing you to sit back, relax, and reap the benefits of your new roof much sooner rather than later.

Benefits of conservatory roofing – Wrap up

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