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How Important Is An Existing Property Inspection

Jan 21, 2020

How important is existing property inspection

How Important Is An Existing Property Inspection Before Buying A House?

You need to get a house inspected before you buy it, and you will likely get an inspection done when it is time to make an offer. People who are truly interested in a house will make an offer, order an inspection, and continue with the purchase process based on the results of that inspection. Continue reading to learn how the Property Inspection works when it is time to move forward with the purchase.

Do You Know The General State Of The House?

When you are requesting building inspections MEL appointments, you probably already know the general state of the house. Because of this, you will find that it is very easy for you to know what the results of the inspection will be. However, the home may be in very bad condition. The home inspection serves two purposes. The inspection tells you how much work needs to be done, or you will find that the house is in good condition.

How Old Are Certain Parts Of The House?

You need to find out how old the HVAC unit is, how old the roof is, and how old some of the plumbing is. You might find out that certain parts of the house are very old, and you may need to replace those things in the next few years. You might have planned to ask for a home warranty, but the inspection may tell you that you definitely need a warranty.

Also, you need to know how young certain parts of the house. You will be happy to find that the plumbing, HVAC units, and roof are fairly new. You will pay a bit more money for the house because you know that the house is new, and you could ask about fixtures in the house that could be very old or new.

The Inspection Checks For Pests

The inspection checks for pests to make sure that you do not have mice, rodents, or squirrels in the attic. There are a lot of people who would like to know if a house has pests, but there are others that want to know how bad the pest problem is.

This means that you can check the house for pests to determine how much it will cost to remove those pests. Also, you should have the house checked for termites along with a check for things like ants and roaches. You may need to pay more money to have the house closed up so that you do not have roaches or ants coming in the house every summer.

The Property Inspection Is Honest

The home inspector is a third-arty arbiter that has no vested interest in the deal. They will tell you precisely what they have found, but they will not try to push you one way or another. If they think that the AC unit was repaired poorly, they will tell you. They will tell you if the roof is brand new, or they will tell you if the roof is about to cave in. The same is true for every part of the house, and you will learn quite a lot about the house.

This is also helpful if you are trying to sell the house. This means that you can learn what condition the house is in so that you know how much money you can get for the house.

Home Inspectors Do Not Take Much Time

Home inspectors last for a few hours, and you will not need to shut down your house for the whole day. The inspector wants to get in and out of the house as fast as possible, and they will let you know what they have found soon after the inspection is over. You do not need to wait a long time to learn what is going on with the house, and you can move on with the purchase process. Once you’ve gotten your inspection results you can start looking at home warranty plans.


There are several things that you will learn when you are getting a house inspected. You can call for an inspection when you are close to buying a house, or you could have a house inspected if you are planning to sell it. You will learn how much work is needed to repair the house, or you will learn how nice the house is.

How Important Is An Existing Property Inspection Before Buying A House? Tips
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