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How Architects Are Using Social Media Today

24 Sep 2019

Architects Social Media Help

Social media is frowned upon in some ‘serious’ professional circles, where at best it’s considered an inferior to traditional formats like TV and newspapers and at worst, a trivial pastime for the chronically work-shy.

However, if you’re an architect espousing these outdated attitudes, you’re missing out on tools, techniques and networks that can add a whole new dimension to your creative craft.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at how architects are using social media today.

Getting visual with Pinterest

While imagery also dominates Instagram, Pinterest is arguably the platform where you’ll find people more focused on pure aesthetics than pop culture – and there are several ways it can be used effectively by architects.

Firstly, when you’re at the ideation stages of a project, Pinterest architecture boards are a brilliant tool for sourcing ideas from diverse cultures to blend together after a brainstorming session.

But it’s also the perfect place to share portfolios from completed projects and works in progress with a ready-made audience that’s passionate about your sector.

Telling stories with Facebook

When you want your business to get closer with customers on a slightly less formal basis, look no further than Facebook stories.

Facebook states that this promotional sub-platform boasts 150 million daily users, so provided you develop content that’s suitable for your target audience, you’ve got plenty of opportunity to extend your reach and forge valuable customer connections.

You can share the latest photos and videos on your current project in order to keep stakeholders involved all the way up to opening day, so it’s particularly useful for getting communities onside for large-scale projects reliant on public funding and cooperation.

Networking on LinkedIn

According to its own statistics, LinkedIn is the world’s largest networking site, with 645 million users in more than 200 territories across the globe.

It’s the only major social media site dedicated to business (and B2B in particular), so it’s an excellent forum for thought leadership articles on architecture, reach out to prospects with whitepapers and even to recruit new talent.

And video content is also becoming massively popular on LinkedIn, so it’s the ideal platform to engage in business storytelling, or to share highlight reels that use editing effects to compress entire builds into short, shareable clips that last less than a minute but have a massive marketing impact.

Next steps

If you’re too busy to dedicate yourself to developing an effective social strategy, don’t worry, because a specialist agency like Greedier Social Media can identify the platforms where you’re most likely to connect with your target audience and enhance your presence.

If you do decide to get started on social under your own steam, keep abreast of the latest industry news and pro tips from websites like Social Media Examiner. And look into services like Buzzoid that will help drive organic Instagram likes and followers to your account.

Last but not least, establish a presence on a few platforms while focusing on those likely to deliver the best ROI – this allows you to pivot your approach if and when audience demographics change.

That’s our list! Share your own tips on social media for architects in the comments section.

Finally, why not buy connections for LinkedIn to boost your social media reach!

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