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Hotel Blackout Curtains Guide for UK Hotels

30 Aug 2023

Effectively managing a hotel in the UK, including aspects like hotel blackout curtains, means ensuring your guests enjoy a comfortable and relaxing stay. One of the factors that can affect the quality of your guests’ sleep is the amount of light that enters their room.

Hotel Blackout Curtains UK Guide

Whether it’s the early morning sun, the bright street lights, or the flashing neon signs, unwanted light can disrupt your guests’ circadian rhythm and make them feel tired and groggy in the morning. That’s why you need hotel blackout curtains.

Hotel Blackout Curtains for UK Accommodation

What are hotel blackout curtains?

Hotel blackout curtains are like superheroes for your windows. They’re crafted with super-thick fabrics & backed with foam or acrylic layers, creating an impenetrable shield against outside light. Unlike regular curtains or blinds that play hide-and-seek with sunlight, these curtains mean serious business by saying, “No light shall pass!”

Why are hotel blackout curtains important?

Blackout curtains in hotels are a big deal. They’re not just for looks. They actually make your guests sleep like babies. You know, all dark and cozy, just like nighttime. Good sleep, quick sleep, and they wake up all fresh and pumped.

But that’s not all. These curtains are like health guards too. They keep your guests away from fake lights at night. Those can mess up hormones & bring on troubles like obesity, diabetes, and heart stuff. Even cancer, can you believe it?

And here’s the cool part. Your guests feel the love when you’ve got these curtains. Like, you care about them, their comfort, their vibe. So, loyalty points are unlocked!

Hotel Blackout Curtains UK Guide Hotel Blackout Curtains UK Guide

Benefits of hotel blackout curtains

Got a hotel? Blackout curtains are a game-changer. Check out why:

  1. No More Light Disturbance:

Imagine, up to 99% of outside light blocked. Guests get to snooze peacefully no matter the time. Tweak the curtains for their light vibe – no more pesky car lights or street glare.

  1. Peaceful Oasis:

Say goodbye to the noise. These curtains are like soundproof champs, muffling traffic and all the hustle. Privacy? Yep, they’ve got your back. No eavesdropping on what’s happening inside.

  1. Just Right Temp:

These curtains aren’t just pretty faces. They keep things cozy – cool in summer, warm in winter. That means comfy guests and lower AC/heating bills. Win-win!

  1. Keep It Private:

No peeping Toms here. Guests can relax without worrying about nosy neighbors. Doing the moonwalk in pajamas? No problem!

  1. Fancy Up Your Space:

Oh, and style? They’ve got it. Choose from a rainbow of colors, patterns, and textures. Instant room upgrade, anyone? These curtains play well with your decor too. Talk about a lush & spacious vibe!

How to choose hotel blackout curtains

Here are the tips for choosing hotel blackout curtains in a more conversational and concise tone:

  1. Pick the Right Fabric:

Think about how well curtains can block light, noise, and temperature. Go for dense direct fabrics like polyester, cotton, velvet, or silk. Look for ones with foam or acrylic backing to boost their light-blocking power. Avoid thin ones like lace or linen.

  1. Match Colors and Patterns:

The colors & patterns of curtains set the room’s vibe. Choose ones that go with your room’s style. Dark colors make it cozy, bright colors add cheer, solid colors look elegant, while patterns like florals or geometrics make it playful.

  1. Get the Right Size:

Measure your windows well. Choose curtains a bit wider and longer than your windows to cover them nicely. This stops light or noise from sneaking in through gaps. Curtains with extra fabric when closed create a richer look.

  1. Pick the Right Header and Rod:

Headers & rods affect how curtains hang. Choose ones that match your style & window. You’ve got options like eyelet, pencil pleat, tab top, rod pocket, and grommet. Each has its pros & cons for how they look and work.

  1. Easy Maintenance:

Choose curtains that are easy to clean, saving you time and money. Follow the care instructions from the manufacturer. Be gentle with them & avoid harsh chemicals to keep them looking good.

Where to buy hotel blackout curtains

If you are looking for hotel quality blackout curtains for your hotel, there are different places where you can buy them. Here are some of the options that you have:

  1. Shop Online:

Want convenience? Go online! Many retailers offer blackout curtains in various sizes, colors, and styles. You can even order fabric samples before buying.

  1. Local Stores:

Want to see and feel the curtains in person? Hit up local stores. They might have ready-made or custom options that suit your hotel’s vibe.

  1. Go Custom:

Feel fancy? Get curtains made just for you! Find curtain pros who can whip up bespoke blackout curtains. They’ll consider your budget & needs, and even show you design sketches.

Can you see inside blackout curtains?

You can’t peek through blackout curtains. They’re built to keep out outside light & make your space all dark and snug. They use thick, heavy fabric to stop any light from getting in.

Some even have a special lining or coating to boost their light-blocking power. So, blackout curtains are awesome for bedrooms, cozy hangouts, or anywhere you need less glare & more privacy.

Wrapping Up

Hotel blackout curtains are a must-have for comfy guest stays. They block almost all outside light, creating a cozy, night-like atmosphere. They also reduce noise, control temperature, add privacy & style. To choose the best ones, consider fabric, color, size, header type, and where to buy.


What’s the cost of hotel grade blackout curtains?

Prices vary based on size, fabric, and quality. They’re pricier than regular curtains due to added benefits. But they save energy and satisfy guests, paying off long-term.

How to install these curtains?

Installing depends on your chosen header and rod. Some DIY-friendly, others need pros. Check included instructions or ask the seller for guidance.

How to clean hotel style blackout curtains?

Cleaning varies with fabric and backing. Some machine washable, others dry clean. Read the label or contact the seller for care advice.

How effective are these curtains?

Measure effectiveness by their light, noise, and temperature-blocking capabilities. Close them in a bright, noisy room for testing. Use a thermometer to gauge temperature control.

Where to learn more about hotel blackout curtains?

Research online, read reviews from other hotel owners, and consult experts for advice on choosing and using these curtains.

What type of curtains do hotels use?

Hotels use two curtain types for guest rooms: blackout drapes block light for privacy, while sheer curtains create a soft vibe. Curtains are often pleated for texture. Some hotels add valances for style.

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