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Hand-Pick the Door Handles for a Home

9 Mar 2021

Hand-Pick the Door Handles for Your Home

It’s the tiny details that really make the difference between okay interior design and the room you never want to leave ever again. Things like light switch covers, light bulb hues, windowpane thickness, and trim can all have a massive effect on the vibe of your space, even though they seem like minute details. The following will explore the value of just one teeny adjustment—the door handle—in creating an overall vibe in your home. Believe it or not, door handles can have a big impact on the feeling of a space.

Practical Concerns

Foremost, door handles serve a practical purpose—they allow you and other people to open doors. Whenever making design choices for your home, it can be tempting to put your aesthetic desires front and center, but almost always, it’s better to think of practicality first. That white carpet is gorgeous, but how pretty is it going to be when the toddler spills chocolate milk all over it? Door handles are like that. You need them to be functional and intuitive as anything too outside the ordinary might throw off house guests (or you in the middle of the night when it’s dark and you’re walking to the kitchen with your eyes closed to get a glass of water).

Depending on your home and lifestyle, you might have additional features to think about when it comes to the logistics of your door handles. Do you need one that can be childproofed with a fancy clip-on tool? Are the doors antiques and fitted for certain sizes and shapes of handles? Are you prepared to alter the door a little for the handle you are most drawn to? Does the handle lock? How easy is this type of handle going to be to clean? Will fingerprints show up easily on this type of material? Specialists at www.avantgardehardware.com.au/, emphasize that there are no wrong answers. Everyone’s needs are different. You want a handle that serves its purpose dutifully for years to come. Once you’ve figured out what that means for your home and family, you’ll probably find yourself with a much more narrow pool of options. After this initial discernment, it’s time to think about the aesthetics.

Think About Design Era

A common problem home renovators run into is that the trendy options on the market don’t suit the design era of their house. Let’s say you’ve got a craftsman style A-frame cottage, or a farmhouse in the country, or a mid-century modern structure you’re working with. Not all the current trends are going to work nicely with each of these architectural styles—in fact; they’re probably going to clash. By taking the time to hand-pick door handles, you can create a flawless continuation of style throughout your home.

Consider Continuity

Often when we move into a home, there are some gaps in continuity. The bathroom might be one style, while the basement (which was the previous owner’s teenage son’s room) doesn’t follow suit at all. Even in situations where you’re going for a mismatched look, you want something tying everything together. By hand-picking small elements like door handles and outlet covers, you can be sure that there’s a flow to your space. Each room naturally leads into the other room.

Match With Other Utility Elements

Hand-picking your door handles can also help ensure that things in your home match. You might choose the same chrome for the handles that is used for the kitchen tap, shower, and lighting fixtures, or the frame of the mirror, or the window latches. Tiny details matching up can help make a space feel purposeful, and this can contribute to feelings of welcomeness. Once you start paying attention to the things that can be matched, you might find yourself with a fun treasure-hunt. What else could be matched? The cupboard handles? Door hinges? The possibilities are endless.

Hand-Pick the Door Handles for Your Home

You Should Hand-Pick the Door Handles for Your Home

There are countless things to think about when working on the decor of your home. Whether you’re revamping just one part of a room or the whole house, keeping in mind how flexible door handle options are can result in dozens upon dozens more styles and choices available to you—more than you maybe realized you had to begin with.

When changing doorknobs in your house, make sure that you aren’t accidentally trapping yourself into a room once the old handle is off. At the very least, have a phone nearby so you can call someone if you get stuck. You might be laughing, but it has happened before.

Thanks to these reasons, you can find a door handle that suits your needs at home. Doing so would give you more peace of mind and confidence that your doors are working properly.

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